Valentine's Day Origami Ideas

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Valentine's Day origami models are fairly easy to complete, yet they can add a festive touch to your holiday celebration.


Obviously, hearts are the most prominent symbol of Valentine's Day. There are many different ways to fold a paper heart, but the following projects are considered especially appropriate for Valentine's Day celebrations:

  • Origami Hearts: These basic origami hearts are easy to make, even for novice paper folders.
  • Simple Origami Heart Bookmark: This lovely bookmark would be a sweet Valentine for a child to give to his classmates. A message could easily be written on the base of the bookmark.
  • Origami Valentine Cards: This card features a heart that stands up. The heart can be opened to reveal your Valentine's Day message.


Real flowers are certainly nice for Valentine's Day, but they can be expensive and will only last a short time. In comparison, origami flowers can be enjoyed for as long as you'd like. Considering adding the following origami flower projects to your Valentine's Day crafting:

More Origami Projects for Valentine's Day

After you've taken care of the hearts and flowers, here are a few more origami projects you may want to try in honor of Valentine's Day:

  • Origami Box Instructions: If you're giving jewelry or other small gifts for Valentine's Day, consider folding a pretty box for your present.
  • Origami Photo Frames: Fold a frame from your favorite paper to display a special photo of your loved one.
  • Make an Origami Dollar Bill Ring: An origami ring made from a dollar bill makes for a cute novelty gift.

Using Valentine's Day Origami

Although Valentine's Day origami projects are certainly fun to make on their own, you may be looking for a few new ways you can use your creations to celebrate the holiday. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • If you're making fudge, cookies, or other sweet treats for your loved one, get creative with your packaging by placing a few origami flowers or hearts inside the box.
  • Fold tiny hearts or flowers, and then attach them to toothpicks to use as toppers for cupcakes.
  • Tape origami hearts to your window or use fishing line to hang them from the ceiling to make decorations for a Valentine's Day party.
  • Use flat origami features to decorate Valentine's Day greeting cards.
  • If your child needs to make a mailbox to take to school for his Valentine's Day celebration, decorate the box with origami figures.

Don't forget that you can experiment with colors and embellishments to give your origami projects a different look as well. Try folding figures using paper with a metallic sheen or use a glitter glue pen to add some sparkle to your finished design. You could also tie bows around origami flowers or use stick on gemstones to give them festive centers. Remember, part of the fun of paper folding is seeing how you can use your creativity to make a one-of-a-kind decoration.

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