How to Make Origami Bracelets

Easy Origami Bracelets

Making an origami bracelet is a fun craft project for children who like to play dress up. Girls can easily make a stack of bracelets in just one afternoon. This tutorial shows photo instructions, but Craft-gami has posted a video tutorial on YouTube if you need to see the steps demonstrated.

Choosing Your Paper

The size of paper you select for this project will affect the size of the finished bracelet. The yellow bracelet in this picture was made with 8x8 inch paper and fits an adult wrist. The purple bracelet was made with 6x6 inch paper and is suitable for a young child.

Step 1

To begin making your origami bracelet, turn the paper diagonally and fold up one corner so it is almost touching the other.

Step 2

Flip your paper over and fold up the bottom. The thicker you make this fold, the wider your finished bracelet will be.

Step 3

Fold the paper up once more. You'll see the beginnings of your striped pattern start to develop.

Step 4

Continue folding until you've run out of paper.

Step 5

Secure the final fold with tape. While not necessary, it's a good idea to cover the entire length of the bracelet with a layer of tape to make it more durable. However, do not tape the ends shut just yet.

Step 6

Slide one end of the bracelet into the other. Tape the bracelet closed.

Step 7

Decorate your bracelet as desired. You can embellish your bracelet using scrapbook brads or stickers. Stitching buttons around the border of the bracelet would be another great way to give it a fun look. If they were made from small enough paper, Kirigami flowers would be an option to consider as well.

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How to Make Origami Bracelets