Bug Origami for Kids

How to Make an Easy Origami Fly


When a child thinks about bugs, the common housefly is likely one of the first images to come to mind. Making a paper fly is a fun and easy origami project that a child can complete with minimal adult assistance.

Step 1


This project is based on a model from the Amateur Entomologists' Society. To begin, fold a square sheet of paper in half to form a triangle. Paper that is brown or gray on one side is the best choice for this project.

Step 2


Fold the bottom corners up to make a diamond shape.

Step 3


Bring the top of the diamond down on each side. These points will eventually become the wings of your origami bug.

Step 4


Fold the upper layer of the top triangle down, and then fold the second layer to a point just above the first.

Step 5


Flip the paper over and bring the edges of the wing portion of your model behind the body. Crease firmly.

Step 6


A fly has six legs, a head, thorax, and an abdomen. You can make your fly look more realistic by drawing a pattern on his wings with a marker and adding eyes. If desired, you can attach legs by bending three paper clips and taping them to the bottom of the model.

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Bug Origami for Kids