How to Make a Towel Origami Snail

Make a Snail with Towel Origami

A towel origami snail is one of the easiest towel animals to make. This is a creative way to welcome guests to your home or to give someone towels as a housewarming gift.

You should be able to complete this project in about ten minutes, even if you don't have any previous origami experience. The snail is made by rolling and folding the towels, so you don't need to be familiar with any traditional origami base forms.

Step 1 - Start Folding the Body

You'll need two bath towels to make your snail. White towels are most often used for making towel origami at hotels and cruise ships, but you can use whatever color of towels you want. Brown and green towels would be especially cute with this design.

The first towel will be the body of the snail. Fold the top right corner diagonally down to the bottom middle. Fold the left side of the towel in to meet the right side. You should now have a large triangle shape.

Step 2 - Begin Rolling

Roll the right side of your bath towel diagonally to the middle.

Step 3 - Complete the Body

Roll the left side of the towel to meet the right side in the middle. Try to make your rolls as neat as possible. Rotate the shape 90 degrees to the right.

This completes the body of your towel origami snail. Your towel should be in a long, thin triangle shape with a tiny point at one end and two "tails" at the other end.

Step 4 - Start the Shell

You'll use the second bath towel to make your snail's shell. Fold the bottom of the bath towel lengthwise to the middle. Fold the top down to meet the bottom in the middle.

Fold the towel in half once more so you have a long, thin rectangle shape.

Step 5 - Roll the Shell

Start at one end of the towel rectangle and roll it up tightly. If needed, you can use a safety pin to keep the roll closed.

Step 6 - Create the Face

Place the rolled towel shell at the center point of the first towel you folded into your snail's body. Roll the pointed end up and secure with a safety pin if necessary. This creates the face of your towel origami snail.

Step 7 - Finish Your Towel Snail

Tuck in the loose ends at the back to complete your towel snail. If desired, add stick-on wiggle eyes and a pipe cleaner antennae to make your snail look more realistic.

Towel origami can be a wonderful way to express your creativity, so have fun with your origami designs! If you don't like the way your model looks, simply unfold your towel and try again.

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How to Make a Towel Origami Snail