How to Make an Origami Toilet Paper Sailboat

origami toilet paper sailboat

Cruise ships and upscale hotels often craft amazing origami art from toilet paper still on the roll. You can learn how to make these exciting shapes to surprise guests in your home. Like traditional origami, toilet paper origami involves a series of folds that ultimately result in identifiable figures or shapes, such as this boat.

Origami Toilet Paper Sailboat Instructions

Follow the instructions below to craft your very own origami toilet paper sailboat. All you need is a roll of toilet paper.

1. Fold the first piece of paper on the roll upwards so it lays flat.

origami sail

2. Fold the top right corner down so the edge meets along the bottom line. Repeat with the left corner to form a triangle. This will be the sail boat's sail.

origami sailboat 1

3. Fold the bottom edge up about 1/2 an inch. You will be folding four layers of paper so crease well. Be careful not to rip the paper. This is the bottom of the boat.

origami sailboat2

4. Hold the right corner and carefully fold it under all of the previous folds. This will give the front of the boat more shape. Repeat on the left, matching the angle of the right. This completes the toilet paper sailboat.

origami sail 3

Tips for Working with Toilet Paper

Follow these tips to ensure your success:

  • Work with high quality, two-ply toilet paper as it is more sturdy and holds its shaper better than cheaper paper.
  • Take the toilet paper off of the roll holder for easier folding.
  • Crease your edges firmly and pat down the entire design once done.
  • If you make a mistake, tear off the piece and start again.

Share the Fun

Once you have mastered the art of folding toilet paper on the roll, you can share it with your friends and family. The next time you are over at a friend's house, fold the toilet paper into your favorite origami shape and wait for the surprise from the next person who uses the bathroom. You are sure to be a hit at any gathering.

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