How to Fold a Napkin Into a Bow Tie Shape

Bow tie napkin

There's no need for your dinner table to ever look boring. With five simple steps, you can impress your friends and family by folding napkins into attractive bow ties to adorn your place settings.

Make Napkin Bow Ties

Once you've folded one of these bow tie napkins, you'll see how quick and easy they are to create. It's amazing how such a simple touch can transform your table, and you can use any size napkin as long as it is square shaped.


  • One napkin for each bow tie you want to create
  • About 10 inches of ribbon in the color and material of your choice for each tie
  • Scissors to cut the ribbon


1. Lay the napkin out seam side up with the corners pointed north, south, east and west, and fold the north and south corners inward so they meet at the middle.

Napking folding step 1

2. Fold the bottom half of the napkin upward even with the top.

Napkin folding step 2

3. Fold the top half downward to the bottom edge.

Napkin folding step 3

4. Fold the east and west points toward the center so they partially overlap.

Napkin folding step 4

5. Wrap a length of ribbon around the center and secure it with a small bow in the back. Trim the ends of the ribbon as necessary and be sure they are tucked under the napkin so they don't show when you create your place settings.

Finished bow tie napkin step 5

Bow Tie Napkins for Every Occasion

Bow tie napkins offer a way to give your place settings some pizzaz, and you can even fold paper bow ties to use as place cards or favors to accompany them to create a cohesive, themed appearance. You can create casual place settings like the one pictured here using any colors you like. For very formal place settings suitable for events like weddings or New Year's Eve, use black napkins with silver ribbon to create elegant bow ties your guests will admire.

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