Fold Napkins Into Flowers

Rose napkin in place setting

Decorate your table and delight your dinner guests by folding your napkins like flowers. Napkins are fairly easy to fold and can be arranged in a number of different ways. Try folding your napkins into any of these three patterns to dress up your dinner table.

Rose Fold

This is a very simple napkin fold that resembles a rosebud when it's done.


  1. Fold the napkin point to point to form a triangle. Lay it in front of you point up.
  2. Take the bottom of the triangle and begin to roll it tightly upwards. Stop when you reach the middle of the napkin.
    Rolling napkin
  3. Flip the napkin over so your roll is facing your work surface.
  4. Take the left, bottom corner of the napkin and roll it tightly all the way across to the right corner. Tuck the flap from the right corner into the bottom to secure it.
    napkin rose fold
  5. Stand your napkin up so the rolled portion is on the bottom. Looking at it straight down, you'll notice that the top is made of two flaps, one inside the other.
  6. Take one flap in each hand and gently peel them down like you are peeling a banana. Each flap should go in different direction.
    Upside down rose
  7. Flip the napkin over to display your rose resting on a pair of leaves.

Water Lily Fold

This is a very decorative fold meant for placing in the center of a plate or bowl so it "blooms" outward.


  1. Place the napkin in front of you so it forms a square on the table.
  2. Take each of the four corners and fold them into the center of the napkin so you form a smaller square.
    First square
  3. Rotate the napkin and fold the four corners in again to form a smaller square.
    Second square
  4. Flip the napkin over and rotate it to so it sits in a square position with the fold marks underneath.
  5. Fold the four corners into the center again to form a very small square.
  6. Hold the center down if necessary to keep the folds in this position while you gently lift up one of the corners and reach underneath it for the triangle-shaped flap on the underside. Pull this flap out, bending the corner slightly as you do so. Repeat for the other three corners.
    Pulling out corners
  7. Gently shape the four corners of the water lily so that the center is slightly lower and the folds hold themselves in place.
  8. Reach underneath the napkin on the four straight sides and pull out the triangle-shaped flaps on each side to finish the napkin.
    waterlily napkin

Standing Lily Fold

While this lily fold can stand straight up on your table or plate, you can also lay it flat on a plate if you prefer.


  1. Lay the napkin in front of you and fold it in half on the diagonal so it forms a triangle.
  2. Take the lower left point in the triangle and fold it up to the top point.
  3. Take the lower right point and fold it up to the top point forming a diamond shape.
    Folded into diamond shape
  4. Fold the bottom point up to the middle of the diamond.
  5. Take the top of the point you just folded and fold it back down about halfway.
    Folding bottom
  6. Flip the napkin over and take hold of the left hand side. Fold the left side across toward the center.
  7. Fold the right side over the left and tuck the corner into the fold on the left so it stays firmly in place.
    Folding lily napkin
  8. Turn the napkin over, it will appear to have three sections at the top. Take the left and right sections and fold them down to make the petals of the lily, leaving the center section standing straight up.
  9. Gently round out the bottom to stand up the napkin.
    standing lily napkin

Decorate Your Table

Both linen and paper napkins can be used to create these napkin folds. The next time your table needs a little something extra, consider folding your napkins into flowers and watch your table bloom.

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