How to Make an Origami Dog

origami dog

If you're an animal lover, there are many different types of origami dogs you can fold to add to your collection. The dogs can be used as cute decorations for scrapbook pages and other paper crafting projects or as fun toys to amuse the children in your life.

Make a Sitting Origami Dog

This traditional origami model is a beginner level project that is made from square origami paper. It uses a series of valley folds to create the finished shape. A valley fold is made by folding the paper towards you to create a crease that forms a "V" when it is unfolded. It gets its name because it looks a little like a valley.

To begin making your sitting origami dog, you will need to fold the kite base form. This is a common type of origami base that gets its name from the fact that it looks like a kite.

Start with the white side of your paper face up. Fold your paper in half diagonally. Unfold. Fold the left and right sides in to meet the center crease. Your paper should now look like a kite.

origami dog

Flip your paper over and turn it so the wider end is closest to you. Apply a horizontal valley fold across the middle of the kite base. Make a second horizontal valley fold slightly below the top of the first fold.

origami dog

Turn the paper over. Make two more horizontal valley folds. The first fold should be at the halfway point at the bottom of the white triangle portion of the paper. The second fold should be at the halfway point between the top tip of the kite base and the second valley fold you created in the previous step.

origami dog

Make two more horizontal valley folds. The first fold brings the bottom triangle created by the fold in the previous step down. The second fold should be at the top of your paper, slightly below the fold you made in the previous step.

Valley fold the top triangle down so the tip is touching the base.

origami dog

Make a vertical valley fold down the center crease. Go over this fold a few times with your fingernail or a bone folder to make sure the crease is nice and sharp. Rotate the model 45 degrees.

origami dog

Make a vertical valley fold to create the dog's body, pushing in both sides of the paper from the middle to create legs that will allow your origami dog to sit up unassisted. Gently pull out the nose and tail slightly to provide shaping for the finished model. Add self adhesive wiggle eyes or other details if desired.

origami dog

Origami Scottish Terrier

This simple Scottish Terrier design is easy enough for a child to fold, but has an instantly recognizable silhouette. The model is designed by Robert Neale.

Origami Doberman Pinscher

This origami Doberman Pinscher is designed by Ares Alanya and folded by German R Fernandez with permission from the artist. It is a highly detailed model best suited for experienced origami artists.

Origami Bulldog Bookmark

If you prefer origami models that are useful as well as attractive, this bulldog bookmark is a unique twist on the traditional origami dog model. It is an intermediate level design.

Practice Makes Perfect

When making origami dogs, don't get discouraged if your first few attempts fail to turn out properly. If you practice with scrap paper to perfect your technique, you'll be making adorable origami puppies in no time at all!

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How to Make an Origami Dog