How to Make Origami Ornaments

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Making paper origami ornaments is a great way to practice your paper folding techniques. Use these pretty decorative ornaments to add homemade flair to party decor, seasonal displays, or even to top gifts.

Making Origami Ornaments

Folded paper ornaments are a beautiful addition to any Christmas tree or even look great hanging in a window or anywhere throughout the house.

Origami Poinsettia Ornament

This ornament is a great project for beginner paper folders.


  • 1 square of origami paper
  • 4 inches of craft wire
  • 1 glass bead

Folding Instructions

  1. Begin with a blank sheet of origami paper face up.
  2. Fold the paper in half in both directions and unfold.
  3. Fold the corners of the paper into the center.
  4. Fold the new corners into the center.
  5. Fold the new corners into the center to make an even smaller square. These folds will be thick so crease sharply.
  6. Flip the model over and fold the corners into the center. Crease sharply.
  7. Flip the model back over, you will see four equal squares.
  8. Fold the flaps of the squares open to make the flower petals.
  9. Continue unfolding each flap until you see the white center of the flower.
  10. Attach wire and bead using instructions below.

Origami Star Ornament

This star ornament can be used for Christmas or the 4th of July decoration.


  • 2 square sheets of origami paper, each different colors
  • 4 inches of wire
  • 1 glass bead


  1. Begin with two sheets of paper. Fold them both in half then unfold.
  2. Fold the outer edges of each piece into the center crease.
  3. Fold both models in half.
  4. Fold the top corner of each model out.
  5. Fold the bottom corner of each model out.
  6. Fold the triangles made in the previous steps out to the edge on both models.
  7. Flip one of the models over and place the second model across it as shown in the picture.
  8. Fold the points of the bottom model over and inside the flaps of the top model.
  9. Repeat step 8 to tuck the remaining two corners inside to finish the 4-point star.
  10. Attach wire and a bead to finish the project, as described below.

Origami Diamond Ornament

This classy ornament looks great when done with silver or gold folding paper.


  • Two sheets of origami paper
  • 4 inches of craft wire
  • 1 glass bead


  1. Begin with one sheet of paper. Fold the paper in half both ways and unfold. Fold it in half both ways diagonally then unfold again.
  2. Fold the the model down into a square base by flattening down all the folds.
  3. Fold the outer top flaps into the center and crease sharply.
  4. Fold the bottom top flap up to meet the bottom of the previous folds.
  5. Flip the model over and repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other side.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 to make a second model.
  7. Connect the two models together by sliding the bottom two points on each one into the opposite model's two flaps.
  8. Add wire and a bead to complete the project using the instructions below.

Attaching the Wire

Follow these instructions to attach the wire to the ornaments.

  1. Cut a 4-inch piece of crafting wire.
  2. Stick one end of the wire through one point of the paper ornament. Do not push the wire through too close to an edge or this will cause a rip in the paper.
  3. Pull the wire halfway through and line the two ends of the wire up.
  4. Slide a glass bead onto both strands of wire and push it until it touches the model.
  5. Open the two ends of the wire up to form a hoop shape and twist them together to attach the wire. Your ornament is now ready to hang and enjoy.

More Ornament Ideas

There are a number of ways to make homemade origami ornaments or transform other paper folding projects into ornaments. Here are just a few great origami crafts that make attractive ornaments.

  • Origami roses can make lovely hanging ornaments. Simply poke a small hole in the paper and hang with a light wire or thread. Make several in bright colors and group together for a dramatic effect.
  • Decorate for Valentines Day with origami hearts. Make a small hole and tie with pretty ribbon. These ornaments even look good when used as an attractive embellishment on packages.
  • Beautiful paper angels make a lovely addition to any Christmas tree. Use lightweight craft wire or ribbon to hang these ornaments.
  • For the nature lover, origami cranes offer a unique twist on the traditional type ornaments.

The Sky Is the Limit

You can easily turn any origami craft project into an ornament as long as you can attach a hanging cord to it. There is nothing quite so lovely as a tree decorated with homemade ornaments, but you can also use them for decorating your home year-round. Keep your paper and other ornaments safe when not in use by carefully storing them where they will not be damaged.

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