How to Make an Origami Frog

origami frog

The Internet is an excellent resource for information for learning how to make an origami frog, with dozens of websites and tutorials dedicated to this fun shape.

Frogs in Japanese Culture

For many Americans, frogs call to mind the pre-transformation princes of fairy tales and the creepy dissection projects from high school biology. However, in Japanese culture, these amphibians represent good fortune. In fact, they are so associated with luck that Japanese tourists often carry frog images when they go to Las Vegas.

The word for frog in Japanese is "kaeru," and this word has a second meaning as well: to return. Because of this, frogs are popular gifts for those going on vacations or taking any kind of long voyage. You might consider making an origami frog as a send-off or as a good luck symbol for a friend.

Online Resources for How to Make an Origami Frog

Origami frogs can vary greatly in complexity. You'll find instructions for fairly simple frogs, as well as complex leaping frog origami figures that actually hop. You'll want to choose your project based on your level of experience and skill. If you need to brush up on a few techniques before getting started, check out some of the following articles:

Origami Frog Diagrams and Photographs

Instructions with diagrams can be very helpful in learning how to fold a new shape. Often the diagrams include arrows, showing you exactly which direction to fold for that step. Photographs can also be a great way to learn how to make an origami frog. Although you don't get the arrows that come with diagram instructions, photos offer a real glimpse at what the shape should look like after each step. The following sites have some great photo or diagram based instructions:

  • How to Make Origami Frogs from University of Wisconsin Sea Grant offers very detailed, step-by-step instructions with great diagrams. This is an excellent resource for learning this shape.
  • Origami Instructions has a very good series of photos with accompanying directions. Although there are many steps to this project, you'll be rewarded when you can actually make your frog hop across the table.
  • Save the Frogs also has diagram-based instructions for making a jumping origami frog. This set of directions has 11 steps which are easy to follow.

Origami Frog Videos

When it comes to making complex origami shapes, a video is sometimes the best way to learn. You can actually watch the shape being folded, and you can pause the video to catch up if you need to. Try some of the following origami frog videos:

Books With Origami Frog Instructions

If you'd like to try making an origami frog but want to have more traditional book-based instructions, look for some of the following titles in your local library or order them from the bookstore:

Once you find the right method of learning how to fold frogs, it is a great project for anyone to add to his or her origami figure collection.

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How to Make an Origami Frog