Flower Origami Diagrams

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Whether you're hoping to make a paper rose or an elaborate orchid, flower origami diagrams can be very helpful. The Internet is an excellent resource for this type of origami instructions.

Why Make Flowers?

In traditional Japanese cultures, flowers are one of the most popular origami projects. These floral creations are used for everything from centerpieces and home decorations to special gifts for friends and family.

There are several reasons you may want to make origami flowers:

  • Some flower projects are quite easy and represent a great way to learn origami techniques.
  • Flowers are beautiful, so many people use them to top presents, decorate for parties, or add some fun dimension to a homemade card.
  • While real flowers die and plastic flowers can look a little tacky, origami flowers can be beautiful forever.

Why Use Diagrams?

Some origami creations are simple and lend themselves to text-only directions. If the directions are well-written, and each fold is described very carefully, written origami flower directions can be fairly easy to follow. However, for more complicated folding projects, diagrams may be essential.

Diagrams are step-by-step drawings, which are usually accompanied by written instructions. They help illustrate the appearance of your folded creation after you have completed each step. Using diagram instructions can ensure that you're staying on track and following each step exactly.

A great origami diagram has the following characteristics:

  • It is large enough to see clearly or can be enlarged with your computer.
  • It covers only a small portion of the project, breaking down the entire process into its smaller steps.
  • It includes arrows or other movement indicators to show you which direction to fold the paper.
  • It is accompanied by clear written directions for each step.

Online Sources for Flower Origami Diagrams

For paper folders, the Internet represents a wealth of information. You can find directions for making just about any shape, and many sites also offer diagrams to help along the way. The following websites have helpful illustrations for origami flowers:

  • Origami Fun has diagrams and step-by-step instructions for making a paper tulip, a daisy-like flower, a lily, a rose, a lotus blossom, and a flower stem. In addition to the diagrams for each of these flowers, you'll find videos and clear written instructions.
  • Origami-Instructions.com has clear directions for making several pretty origami flowers. Rather than drawn diagrams, these directions have photographs to accompany each step. You'll learn to make a tulip, a rose, a lily, a sunflower, and many other floral projects.
  • Origami Resource Center is a great source for any type of paper folding instructions. There are several flower projects, including more than 20 different varieties of origami roses. Most projects include diagrams, photos, and great written instructions.

Books About Origami Flowers

If you'd like a more traditional paper-based approach to origami, there are dozens of great books offering diagrams for folding paper flowers. You can find most of these online or at your local bookstore, and you may also be able to borrow them from your library. If your library doesn't have an extensive collection of origami instruction books, you may be able to request a specific title through inter-library loan.

The following books have flower origami diagrams:

More Flower Origami Projects

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Flower Origami Diagrams