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Useful origami web sites can provide you with several benefits. You can check out the origami work others have done. You can find instructions on how to create your own origami creations. It is also possible to learn more about the ancient art of origami.

10 Useful Origami Web Sites

When creating origami, it can help to see what types of projects others have completed. Many of those who share their origami online also share the instructions on how to make the creation. It is not always easy to follow step-by-step instructions in written form, but some origami artists also provide videos.

  1. LoveToKnow Origami: As a growing resource, LovetoKnow Origami is an excellent tool for beginners and more advanced origami lovers. Learn how to fold money into shapes or learn how to make an origami dragon. Excellent instructions and slideshows make learning origami easy.
  2. One of the most comprehensive web sites for origami is The website offers hundreds of origami projects to select from including many designed for children. Easy origami projects are included as are more formal and traditional forms of origami.
  3. Origami Resource Center: Origami Resource Center is an excellent resource for beginners and advanced paper folders. The website also lists a comprehensive history of origami. It has been featured in various online and print publications as a top rated resource.
  4. At, a wide range of origami projects for kids is available. The level of project difficulty varies. Purchase is required for some patterns.
  5. One of the most impressive origami artists is Robert J. Lang, at Some of the origami projects here are very intricate designs with hundreds of folds. Mr. Lang does provide the crease pattern for those who are experienced enough to follow it.
  6. This web site is the American national society devoted to origami. Visitors to will learn intricate paper folding information including convention information.
  7. Enchanted Learning: Enchanted is a beginner and child appropriate origami resource. Easy origami projects include origami butterflies, jumping frogs, and even a fortuneteller is available. The diagrams are easy to use and follow.
  8. This web site offers excellent origami projects within it's niche. offers an extensive Star Wars origami collection perfect for every Star Wars fan. Full diagrams are available to visitors.
  9. Visitors to British will find the British Origami Society. The group has more than 700 members worldwide. A bi-monthly magazine is available at the web site. Supplies, practical advice and fun models are available here.

Other Tips and Resources

Other web sites are available for those who wish to learn or enjoy origami. Some of them are personal origami artists who blog about or even sell their origami creations. Others are online services where people have posted information about origami. Here are a few tips for using useful origami web sites.

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  • One of the overall best resources for origami how to creations is YouTube. Many origami creators use the web site to display how to create the origami projects.
  • Do look into personal blogs and web sites created by individuals who are passionate about their craft. This is a great way to learn about the art through firsthand knowledge by the most skilled in the craft.
  • Check out web sites that sell origami patterns and materials. Using origami paper makes many projects more successful, for example. Other companies sell kits that provide diagrams, paper and folding tools to make the process simpler.
  • For something slightly different, consider kirigami. In this form of origami, cutting the paper is allowed. To see some unique designs, visit These patterns may be purchased. The web site offers hundreds of kirigami examples.
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Useful Origami Web Sites