Templates to Make Paper Flowers

Dana Hinders
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Crafters in search of templates to make paper flowers will find many different options available online.

The Appeal of Paper Flowers

Paper flowers can be used for many different purposes. For example:

  • Party decorations
  • Home décor
  • Substitutes for real or silk floral arrangements
  • Accents on wrapped packages
  • Embellishments for scrapbook pages
  • Accents for handmade greeting cards

Paper Flower Templates for Children's Crafts

If you're working with a child on a craft project, using a template helps take away some of the frustration involved in making paper flowers. LoveToKnow Origami suggests checking out the following links:

  • Enchanted Learning has instructions for how to use a child's handprint as the template for making a simple paper lily.
  • Activity Village has a cute flower frame craft that children can make as a gift for grandparents or daycare providers.
  • DLTK Holidays has templates to help children make a spring flower mobile from paper plates.

While the projects listed above are easy for children to complete, don't forget that children should always be closely supervised when working with scissors, glue, and other potentially dangerous materials.

More Websites With Templates to Make Paper Flowers

Obviously, paper flowers are fun for people of all ages. While children will have better luck sticking to simple designs, adults can experiment with elaborate cutting, folding, and gluing methods to create flowers with a more intricate look. To get started, check out the following websites with templates to make paper flowers:

  • Lia Griffith has an impressive selection of flower templates meant to be used with various types of paper, including crepe, metallic and tissue paper. You can also use her other templates to make botanicals to help fill out your designs.
  • Stickers and Fun has a template for making a slightly abstract flower that would work well on a scrapbook page or handmade greeting card.
  • Ruthann Zaroff has a template for making a beautiful 3-D flower as part of a handmade greeting card.
  • Mel Stampz has a free template with paper flowers inspired by Martha Stewart. Use the designs for paper piecing, card making, embroidery, and a variety of other crafts.
  • All Free Crafts has a basic template used for making a bouquet of tissue paper flowers.
  • Martha Stewart Weddings has an article with instructions for making crepe paper roses, as well as a free project template.

Flower Tutorials From LoveToKnow Origami

You can find instructions for making several different types of paper flowers by checking out these great LoveToKnow Origami slideshows:

Techniques Used to Make Paper Flowers

One minor point to consider when searching for templates to make paper flowers is that using a template will often involve some cutting and gluing as well as folding. This means that your project won't be classified as pure origami. However, as long as you're happy with the final result, the method used to create your paper flowers should be irrelevant.As a point of reference, here are some definitions for a few of the various crafting methods people use to make paper flowers:

  • Origami: The art of paper folding, origami is an ancient craft that traditionally involves no cutting or gluing.
  • Kirigami: Kirigami uses many of the same folding techniques as origami, but also involves making creative use of paper cutting techniques.
  • Tea Bag Folding: While similar to origami in many ways, tea bag folding involves creating flowers and other objects out of tea bag envelopes or similarly sized craft papers. Tea bag folding is occasionally referred to as miniature kaleidoscope origami.
  • Quilling: This technique involves rolling long thin strips of paper into shapes that are glued together to make a design.
Templates to Make Paper Flowers