Origami Pistol

Life Sized Origami Pistol


There are lots of patterns for origami weapons, like swords, knives, pistols, and throwing stars. This paper pistol looks convincing for games or on your desk, but it won't be confused for the real thing.

A Two Paper Pistol


An origami pistol pattern starts with two sheets of regular typewriter paper, and you can make this simple project in a couple of minutes.

Roll Sheet One


Take one sheet of paper and roll the long side into a tight tube. This will be the barrel of the origami pistol, so roll the paper to about the diameter of your index finger.

The Double Barrel


Measure an equal distance from each end of the tube, press firmly in the center with your thumb, and fold the tube in half. This will be the barrel of your pistol. To keep the tube tightly wrapped, try securing the ends temporarily with a paper clip. Set the folded tube aside and begin the next step.

The Second Sheet


Fold the second piece of paper in half on the long side.

Start Layer Folding


Open the sheet of paper and fold the right edge to the center fold you just made.

Fold in Thirds


Fold the left edge of the paper to the center fold. You will now have the paper folded in thirds. The two end folds will be half the size of the center fold.

Quarter Fold


Fold the paper in half along the original fold line. You will now have the paper folded in quarters along the long edge.

Assemble the Pistol


Now it's time to assemble the origami pistol. Place the folded paper lengthwise on a flat surface, and position the folded tube crosswise on top of it.

The Pistol Grip


Wrap one end of the folded paper over one of the rolled tubes and down through the center. Angle it toward the center fold of the tube.

Finish the Grip


Repeat on the other side. Pull the two ends of the folded paper down through the center of the folded tube until there is no more slack and the ends are even.

The Completed Origami Pistol


Your origami pistol is finished. Now all you need are some paper bullets. If you enjoy origami weapons, there are lots to choose from. Why not try an origami throwing star or set of origami swords for your next project?

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