Origami Frog Base

Origami Frog Base Instructions

The origami frog base is used to make various origami animals, the most obvious being an origami frog.

Step 1 Begin by making a preliminary, or square, base. Point the open end down.

Step 2

Create a squash fold by bringing the left corner over to the right and creasing.

Note: Make this easier by creasing a valley fold from the left corner into the center line, then unfolding and reversing it.

Step 3

The completed squash fold is in the photo at the left.

Step 4

Repeat the squash fold on all sides.

Step 5

Fold the two side corners into the center line. Crease and unfold.

Step 6

Make a petal fold by opening the folds from the previous step and pushing upwards.

Note: Make this easier by making a valley crease across the figure along the line where the top points of the previous step align.

Step 7

Repeat the petal fold on all of the sides to complete the origami frog base.

While the frog base is used frequently in origami animal instructions, you can also use it in other projects like making an easy origami lily.

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Origami Frog Base