Origami Envelope Visual Instructions

Making an Origami Envelope


Making an origami envelope is a simple way to build your knowledge of this fun craft. If you use 6x6 origami paper for this project, the envelope will fit a card that is 2x2 ½. If you use 12x12 scrapbooking paper, the envelope will fit a card that is 4x5 and be suitable for mailing a CD or DVD to a friend.

Step 1


Fold your paper in half diagonally. The side of the paper you want to be on the outside of the finished envelope should be face down when you begin. While a patterned envelope is fine for a card attached to a package, the outside of the envelope will need to be plain if you plan to send it through the mail.

Step 2


Fold the top corner down so it touches the center of the fold.

Step 3


Fold the right side of your triangle 1/3 of the way across the diagonal fold.

Step 4


Fold the left side of your triangle 1/3 of the way across the diagonal fold.

Step 5


Fold the tip of the left side of the paper back to touch the left corner, making a triangular flap.

Step 6


Separate the folds making the triangle and pull the bottom corner toward the middle of the envelope. Flatten the triangle to make a small diamond shape.

Step 7


Fold the top part of the envelope down and tuck the corner into the diamond shaped flap. Seal with a pretty sticker. If desired, you can use a glue stick to reinforce the bottom of the envelope before mailing.

Want to learn more about origami? Check out our article on Simple Origami for more beginner's projects.

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Origami Envelope Visual Instructions