Money Origami Heart

Simple Money Origami Heart

A money origami heart is a fun origami project. If you are new to origami, it is an easy design to attempt. Follow these simple money origami heart design instructions.

Step 1

Start with a crisp, smooth dollar bill because it will fold easier than a worn one. Lay the dollar down in a horizontal position on a flat surface. The dollar should be on the side that you prefer for the front of the heart. Smooth out any wrinkles.


You can use any type of dollar bill, but one dollar bills are usually used for money origami. A hard surface may make folding easier for money origami.

Step 2

Fold the dollar bill in half. Smooth the dollar out so that it lays flat.


When you fold the bill, make sure that the fold is even, with the edges touching.

Step 3

Fold all four corners of the dollar.


Make small folds so that it creates a slightly rounded edge on the other side of the bill.

Step 4

Unfold the dollar bill so that it is no longer folded in half. Turn the bill on the opposite side.

Step 5

Fold the area in between the corners of the dollar. Do this for both edges.

Step 6

Fold the top of the dollar in half. The top half should meet the end of the area folded in Step 5.


If you are working on the pyramid side of the bill, the folded top half covers the written word "one." On the head side of the bill, the folded half covers Washington's face.

Step 7

Take the right side of the bill and fold it upward in half, toward the middle crease. The fold should be in line with the crease and at an angle.


This fold will create half of the point of the heart.

Step 8

Fold the left side of the dollar over the right side. This is a direct fold across. You should now see a distinct heart shape.

Smooth out any wrinkles or imperfections. Make the edges of the heart rounder, if desired.

Now that you have completed this simple money origami heart, learn more about origami from beginner articles.

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