How to Make an Origami Balloon

Making an Origami Balloon

The origami balloon is a traditional paper toy. This inflatable design is made using the water bomb or balloon base form. Children often use the balloons to play catch, but you can also display them in a bowl as a decoration for your home.

Step 1

Start with a piece of square origami paper. Fold in half lengthwise and then in half widthwise. This creates a small folded square.

Step 2

Open one half of the paper, separating at the seam. Crease so it forms a triangular shape. Flip the paper over and repeat the folding.

Step 3

This should create a triangle that opens at the bottom. This is your balloon base or water bomb base form.

Step 4

Fold the bottom corner of one side of the triangle up, so that the top matches the top point of the triangle. Crease at the fold.

Step 5

Repeat this until all four bottom corners are folded up to meet the top point of the triangle.

Step 6

Fold the point on the right in so the tip meets the middle, vertical line in the center. Repeat on the left side.

Step 7

Flip it over and again bring the points in to the center.

Step 8

Look closely at the section you just folded in to the center. There is a small pocket along the top seam. Tuck the top point of the triangle into the pocket as far as it will go and crease. Only fold in one layer of the tip at a time. Repeat on the opposite side, then flip over and tuck in those top points as well.

Step 9

Look at the very bottom of the point. There is a small hole where all of the paper comes together. Hold two opposing corners, pull it open, and gently blow into this hole. The balloon will inflate into a ball form.

Step 10

Learning how to make origami balloons is just the start of your fun. The balloon can be modified to make a variety of origami designs, including a pretty origami tulip.

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How to Make an Origami Balloon