Simple Heart Origami Bookmark

Simple Heart Origami Bookmarks

A simple heart origami bookmark is a great project for beginning paper folders. You can make two bookmarks from one sheet of origami paper. Keep one for yourself, then give the other to a friend as a small gift.

Step 1

To begin making your simple heart origami bookmark, fold your paper in half. Cut down the middle with scissors or a paper trimmer.

Step 2

Fold one piece of the paper in half to make a crease, then fold back. Fold each side into the middle to make a crease, then fold back.

Step 3

Fold one corner down to make a crease, then fold back. Fold the top of your paper back.

Step 4

Fold each corner in to meet the center.

Step 5

Fold the top of your triangle back along the crease.

Step 6

Open each side, then flatten.

Step 7

Fold each corner down.

Step 8

Flip over to reveal your finished simple heart origami bookmark.

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Simple Heart Origami Bookmark