Printable Origami Paper

Printable Origami Paper cranes1
Download this cranes and flowers pattern.

The consistency and weight of computer paper and purchased origami paper is similar, making these printable paper designs a wonderful choice for cost-conscious folders. Choose your design from the following options and get folding!

Download Free Square Origami Paper

Click on an image to download the free printable paper of your choice. The papers are PDF files that can be opened with Adobe Reader. Remember to use the "Best" quality setting on your printer when printing your origami paper.

Additional printable papers can be found on the Origami Club website. The club lists hundreds of Japanese origami paper designs along with origami models, diagrams, and animations.

Remember that ink remains the costliest part of any home printer. Thus, origami paper printed from your home computer may seem to cost nothing, but if you factor in the cost of color ink then nothing turns into something. To avoid overspending only print papers for final projects, not for practice. For practice, plain white computer paper will work fine.

Printable Rectangular Paper

Although most origami projects require square paper, there are a fair number of designs that must be folded from 8 1/2" x 11" paper. If you are folding a box, envelope, or other design from this paper size, there are several printable options.

  • Origami Spirit offers several sets of patterns you can download for under $4 each.
  • Look for printables designed for other paper projects such as decoupage.
  • These patterned scrapbook paper collections would be useful for modular origami designs that require you to make a finished model from several identically folded units.

When printing rectangle origami paper, it's important to use the "Borderless Printing" setting on your printer. If you do not enable this printing option, you'll end up with a thin white border around the design that will show in your finished origami model.

If you wish to use an 8 1/2" x 11" paper design to make an origami model that requires square paper, this YouTube video demonstrates an easy technique for creating perfect squares from your printable paper without measuring with a ruler. If desired, you can save the small leftover rectangle strip of paper to cut into tiny squares for making miniature origami.

Origami for Everyone

Historically, paper folding in both China and Japan was a pastime reserved for aristocrats. Given the short supply of paper at the time, only the wealthy could use it for such recreation. However, as paper became more common, paper crafts became more popular. With free printable origami paper, you can enjoy paper folding no matter what your budget.

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Printable Origami Paper