Pictures of Paper Airplanes

View Pictures of Paper Airplanes

Looking at pictures of paper airplanes provides inspiration for your own designs. Most paper planes are created to fly, so a little experimenting might be in order to find a plane that soars through the air. Once you create the plane, unfold it one crease at a time, writing the directions down. After you finish, simply reverse the directions and you have your own origami plane instructions.

Planes with Back Wings

Just a few simple folds will create the airplane at the left. The short wings placed in the back of the plane make aiming a little difficult, so practice throwing this plane before challenging your friends to an airplane race.

Front Wings

Switch things up and fold the wings close to the nose of the plane for a different flying experience.

Money Airplanes

Printer paper isn't the only medium for making airplanes. Money is the perfect shape for creating small sleek planes.

More Folding Mediums

More mediums for folding planes include:

  • Calendar pages
  • Wrapping paper
  • Rectangular origami paper
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine pages

Split-Nose Airplanes

After you have made basic designs, consider modifying them for unique results. The split-noses on the planes at the right make them stand out amongst other simple planes.

Complex Airplanes

Complex airplanes are best left to the expert paper folders. Familiarize yourself with the basic origami folding instructions before attempting to fold an intricate airplane.

Flying Objects

Once you have mastered even complex airplanes, move onto more unique flying objects. Try making a blimp or even a spaceship.

Fold Paper Airplanes

After viewing all the pictures of paper airplanes, it is time to start folding. Get ideas and instructions in these LoveToKnow articles:

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Pictures of Paper Airplanes