Origami Vase

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An origami vase is a natural extension of origami folding skills for anyone who has previously mastered folding origami flowers.

Origami Flower Vases

Folding an origami vase is a wonderful way to display origami flowers or even simple faux flowers in your home. Like other origami figures, vases range from simple to complex and have a number of variations.

Diagrams for Vases

Origami books, especially those with multiple projects, often have a vase within their pages. Check the index to see if the book you are considering offers a vase diagram or instructions. Books dedicated to folding flowers often have a few vase options available for displaying your new masterpieces.

Look for origami vase instructions online if you do not have a book with a diagram at your disposal. Consider making a vase from one of the following websites:

  • Origami-Instructions.com has an easy origami vase figure that begins with a waterbomb base.
  • Try your hand at wet-folding Stephen O'Hanlon's simple vase figure at fishgoth's origami website.
  • Four different vase designs by Yuri Shumakov are diagrammed and available at Oriland. The four figures include the vase "star," vase "duet," trihedral vase and vase.
  • The Chinese Vase, a traditional model, is diagrammed by David Petty and available under "diagrams," then the "Model of the Month" section of his website.

Follow the LoveToKnow Origami slideshow Origami Paper Folding into Pots for a tutorial on how to create the perfect vessel for your flower bouquet.

Vase Alternatives

Even if you do not have a vase diagram on hand, you can use several other origami models in place of a vase. A pencil or crayon holder will also work perfectly for displaying a group of flowers. Try making a cup for showing off your newest origami flower. Finally, make a paper box and add just the heads of flowers to the open box for a low centerpiece on your dining room table.

Decorative Origami Vases

When making origami vases, it is important that you consider the decorative aspects of the project. Intricately folded flowers will compete with a similarly intricately folded vase. Instead of having the two projects vie for attention, choose one to stand out. Use either a simple vase with complicated blooms or a complex vase with basic flowers for the best visual display of your origami creations.

Keep in mind both holidays and seasonal changes when you purchase origami paper for your vase. Folded paper poinsettias would look stunning displayed in a vase made of metallic gold paper or paper with a holiday pattern. Spring tulip origami would look lovely in a pastel vase. Choose a bold pattern in a matching color or even basic black for highlighting roses.

A vase and flower combination should have complementary patterns and colors. Do not choose a green camouflage vase to pair with a Japanese patterned paper. Make the vase or the flowers using patterned paper and the other using plain paper.

Finally, make your origami vases in a variety of sizes and papers for a complete display. Store them in a box using tissue paper to help hold their shape and you can use them several times. It may be necessary to use cardstock or heavy folded paper and staples in order to save your vase figures. Flimsier papers, such as wrapping paper or tissue paper, may be suitable if you just want to display the vase for a short amount of time. However, look for heavy papers and use reinforcements to the design if you want the vase to hold several flowers and store well.

An origami vase is the perfect way to highlight not only your skills for the project, but to also show off your previously folded origami flowers.

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