Origami Samurai Helmet

samurai helmet

Create an origami samurai helmet to complete a collection of origami weapons.


Kabuto is the Japanese term for a samurai helmet. Today, the kabuto is still a large part of Japanese culture. Young children, especially boys, often make origami helmets for display on May 5 of each year, a Japanese national holiday called Kodomo no hi (Children's Day). The day celebrates the Japanese culture's wishes for healthy and happy children. Samurai helmets represent strength and power.

Japanese cultural exhibits in museums frequently display helmets as part of a series on armaments and weapons. Replicas of ancient armor, like helmets, are often made for home décor on holidays. With the rich history of the samurai warrior, it comes as no surprise that origami helmets remain a popular figure to fold.

Origami Helmet Resources

Following written instructions without a complete diagram may be difficult for a beginner or those who have trouble with visualization. To see complete diagrammed instructions, visit these websites:

Watch a video demonstration of how to make an origami samurai helmet if you have trouble following the instructions or diagrams. These clips are available online:

In addition to online resources, you can also learn origami through books available at the library or your favorite bookstore. Many beginners' books have a section on how to make samurai helmets, so check the index before purchase. Origami paper packages sometimes come with small inserts that might include instructions on how to fold the helmet, too.

Once you have moved beyond the novice stage of paper folding, you can create other figures using a samurai helmet as inspiration. Origami-Instructions.com offers a tutorial on how to make an origami goldfish that begins with the samurai helmet. Intermediate to advanced folders can try their hand at making WonderHowTo's card case with samurai hat.

Origami Samurai Helmet Instructions


The helmet is a traditional origami model, with few variations in instruction or diagram between sources. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to make an origami kabuto:

  1. Begin with a square sheet of paper, colored side down.
  2. Fold in half diagonally, so you have a triangle.
  3. Take the two corners of the long side (where the fold was made in the previous step) and fold them down to meet the bottom point. You should have a square shape.
  4. Next, take the two points you just folded down and bring them straight up to meet the top point, creasing firmly. The square shape of your figure should still be intact.
  5. Grab the top layer (created in the previous step) of the upper point and fold outwards at an angle. See photograph at the right for an example of what this step will look like when completed.
  6. Fold the top layer of the bottom of the figure up, creasing a few centimeters underneath the folds you made in Step 4. Line your point up with the center fold.
  7. Now fold the bottom of this layer up, creating a "rim" around the bottom of the helmet. See example in the photograph at the right.
  8. Fold the remaining bottom flap up and into the helmet.

Learn how to make origami weapons and samurai helmets by following instructions you find online, through videos or in books. The helmet makes a nice addition to a Japanese weapons display.

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Origami Samurai Helmet