Origami Pegasus

Origami Pegasus

Pegasus origami takes the legendary flying horse and converts it to a paper form. Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding practiced for centuries, ranges from simple flowers to intricate geometric figures or animals that move. The Pegasus origami form is not one of the easier to fold but can be mastered with patience and practice.

Make a Paper-Folded Pegasus

Greek mythology depicts Pegasus as a winged horse fathered by Poseidon, god of the sea. To create the Pegasus origami version, follow these steps:

Body Folding

  1. Start with a square sheet of paper. For beginners it is best to use thin paper specifically made for origami because it is easier to fold. Origami paper is readily available at most craft stores. Lightweight printer paper is also suitable. Simply trim one end to form square.
  2. Start by making an eight-point star. To create, fold the square in half to form a triangle. Open and lay flat so the crease is down the center.
  3. Starting at one point, fold over into a narrow point that forms a 30-degree angle. Turn the paper over and make an identical fold on the outside.
  4. Turn the paper 90-degrees and fold make another fold at a 30-degree angle and repeat one more time. The result will be two large triangles each with a small triangular tail.
  5. Cut seven additional squares and repeat steps 2 through 4 so there are eight folded shapes in all.
  6. Assemble by sliding the right tail of one folded shape into the triangle of another.
  7. Continue attaching each folded shape to the next until you form a circular eight-point star.

Wings, Legs and Head

  1. To form the Pegasus wings place the eight-point star constructed in the previous steps face down. Pinch the base of one point together so the point stands out. Repeat on the point opposite to create the wings.
  2. Next, carefully pull back one of the points behind the wings and fold over. Press hard so the fold is sharp. Repeat for the other point that was behind the wing, pressing hard. The result should be two points facing down to form the back legs.
  3. Create the front legs by taking a point just in front of the left wing and folding over. Press hard to form an obvious crease. This also helps the point stay facing down, as the leg should. Repeat with the point just in front of the right wing. The form should now have four legs pointing down and two wings pointing out.
  4. Fold the tip of the final point in front the wings down to form a small triangular head. Do not fold straight down but instead at an outward angle so it resembles a horse head.
  5. Leave the final point behind the wings pointing out to form the tail. If desired, the tip can be folded at an upwards angle to give Pegasus a jaunty look.

Consider Making Other Mythical Creatures

Now that the Pegasus origami is complete, consider constructing other mythical creatures. Forms such as dragons or unicorns will also evoke fantasies of knights in shining armor or fairies dancing amid the forest. Whether slaying dragons or riding the wind on the larger than life Pegasus, origami will bring the fantasy to life.

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Origami Pegasus