Origami Money Shirt with Tie

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Making an origami money shirt with tie is a fun way to give money as a present. Since money origami is made for the shape and size of a standard bill, you don't have to buy special origami paper for your project.

How to Fold an Origami Money Shirt with Tie

There are two variations of the origami money shirt. You can make your money shirt without the tie, which is the easier of the two patterns. You may want to practice the fold without the tie before you try the more advanced folding process of the shirt with the tie.

Start with a paper bill. Any kind of money will do. Although most of the examples you'll find online are using American money, website users have commented that they've been able to successfully complete the same folds with many different types of money.

  1. Hold the bill lengthwise so that it is longer than it is wide.
  2. Fold in the top right corner until the edge meets the center of the bill.
  3. Fold in the top left corner until the edge meets the other edge of the corner.
  4. Fold down the top of the bill right underneath the "triangle" you created with the two corner folds. This will make the top of the bill flat again.
  5. Push the right and left corners of the inverted triangle toward the center to create a small flap in the middle of the triangle. Flatten the top of this flap to create the tie shape.
  6. Fold the right top corner in so that it lies behind the newly created tie.
  7. Fold the left top corner is so that it lies behind the tie. Crease the "shoulders" of the shirt well. At this point, you'll have the body of the shirt created with the tie and the shoulders. The bottom of the bill should still be loose and open.
  8. Turn the bill around so that you are looking at the bottom of the bill but that the tie is still facing upward.
  9. Fold the bottom down about half the width of your index finger and crease well.
  10. Flip the bill around so that you are still working on the bottom but the tie is on the other side of the bill.
  11. Fold the back corners in on the side that doesn't have the tie. Fold them in so that the corners reach about a quarter of the way in. This will form the points of the collar.
  12. Flip back over to the other side and fold the bottom half up toward the top so that the bottom edge reaches halfway up the length of the bill. This will bow out the sides of the bottom half. Let them bow out and crease well. These will form the sleeves of the shirt.
  13. Fold the old bottom edge back to just above the new bottom edge. This will create a diamond shape and form a collar on the other side of the bill.
  14. Turn the shirt over so that you can see the collar.
  15. Flip the top part of the shirt with the tie up toward the collar. You'll see the tie come up to meet the collar and sleeves on the side.
  16. Tuck the portion with the tie underneath the collar of the shirt to secure the fold.

Money Fold Variations

Bills can be folded into many different shapes besides an origami money shirt with tie. See the following projects to have fun with the bills in your wallet:

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Origami Money Shirt with Tie