Origami Jack in the Box

Some jack in the boxes start with origami box instructions.

An origami jack in the box can be a fun gift to give. It is also a great way to show off your origami skills. This particular origami design is a bit more difficult than others are, but well worth learning how to do.

Origami Jack in the Box Design

The jack in the box design is not necessarily one you may find readily available, because it requires a large number of steps. There are various methods to creating it. Most do so using just one sheet of origami paper. The jack in the box looks just like a child's windup toy. It features a square box, opened with lid back and a spring like creature popping out. Some designs allow you to create a jack in the box on 2X1 paper, which ends up being just one 6th of the size when completed.

Perhaps the best directions for creating the jack in the box origami design are located at Origamiks, where you can see each fold made. As you can see from this first set of instructions, the process is quite complex, involving a number of pre-creases. Pre-creases are folds made and unfolded, which later are used to guide other folds. If you fail to make any of these pre-creases, the next steps are not possible to do well.

In addition to that resource, you may also wish to pick up the book available at Lulu.com called Marc Kirschenbaum Origami's Jack in the Box. It provides step by step directions on creating a very cute and personable jack in the box. All of the necessary directions are included. There are also 75 illustrations included to help make the jack in the box. You can download this book for a small fee.

For those who wish to see how the finished box works, visit AdamsSara on Youtube.com. This video shows just how the jack in the box opens and how the jack pops out. Also, you can view the instructions for creating the jack at Hugo.Pereira.com. This design is different from the previous one.

Tips for Jack in the Box Design

The origami jack in the box is a more advanced design. Still, if you have the ambition, you can definitely create a great looking jack!

The Start of a Jack in the Box
  • Get the pre-folding right. This is one of the most important aspects when making the jack. The pre-creases are numerous but they make the rest of the project easier to accomplish with better results.
  • Check the paper sizing. In some of the jack in the box designs, you will need several sheets of paper in specific sizes. Most do use standard origami paper.
  • Since the jack is complex, be sure to make each fold properly. Line up the edges perfectly. Use a bone folder or other edge to make creases. This will pay off in the end with a nice, square box and an intricate looking spring for the jack.
  • Take some time to learn more about origami, including origami history. This will teach you more about how the creations took shape.
  • For those who are beginners, start out with simple origami first. Learn the basic fold methods. This will help you to improve your overall skills making folding more complex origami easier to do.

For those who are ready to start making a jack in the box, remember you can do so just one fold at a time. You may find yourself frustrated at first. Walk away and then come back. This ancient art form is sure to bring pleasure to your eyes. The origami jack in the box is sure to bring smiles to others too.

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Origami Jack in the Box