Origami Heart Box

origami box
Make a box using origami techniques.

Making an origami heart box is a challenging origami project, but it has stunning results. Once you've moved past simple origami projects and are ready for something more involved, you can create a heart shaped origami box.

Choosing Paper for your Project

Origami boxes can be made as big or as small as you like, but they work best when you use at least a medium sized piece of origami paper or a 4 x 4 inch sheet of regular paper. This will give you a lot of room in your box and allow you to easily make the small folds that this pattern requires. Any type paper will work, but for best results, you should choose something that is thin yet sturdy. While you want your origami heart box to last a while, you shouldn't choose paper that is too thick. This origami project requires a lot of folding and doubling up on the sheets. If your paper is thick, you won't be able to make all of the folds clean enough to keep the box together.

How to Make a Heart-Shaped Origami Box

Since the origami heart box is a complex design, it may help to watch an instructional video while following these directions.

  1. Arrange your paper so that it is diamond shaped. Fold the paper in half so the top point meets the bottom point. Crease and unfold.
  2. Fold the paper in the opposite direction, bringing the side points together. Crease and unfold. You should now have an "X" of creases across your origami paper.
  3. Keep the paper angled so it looks like a diamond. Take the bottom corner and fold it up so it meets the center where the creases meet. Crease the point and leave folded.
  4. Fold down the top point to the center, just like the bottom point. Crease the point and leave folded.
  5. Flip the paper over so you are looking at the solid back. There should be straight sides and a point at the top and at the bottom. Fold the bottom point up so it meets the center of the paper and forms a square bottom.
  6. Fold the top point up on the back in a similar fashion. Crease and leave it folded. Now you'll have a square with two flaps on the back and two flaps on the front.
  7. Unfold the bottom flap on the back and bring the point up to meet the horizontal line crease. Leave the point folded, and fold the side back up so it is flat with the back of the paper.
  8. Repeat the same fold on the other point on the backside.
  9. Flip the paper over and repeat the same folds on the front side of the paper. Crease each point so it is folded up to the horizontal line crease.
  10. Once all the points are folded, take one of the points and fold it over again in the same width. Crease well and leave it folded.
  11. Fold the other folded point on the same side down so it completely covers the fold you just made. The origami paper should be a rectangle shape with three layers.
  12. Take the bottom of the rectangle and fold it up about a quarter of the way up the paper.
  13. Fold the other side of the rectangle up to meet the side of the other fold. At this point, the paper is a square with two flaps that meet each other in the center.
  14. Unfold one side of the square and then unfold the inner flap, bringing it down to make a point below the square. Crease and leave folded.
  15. Turn the paper around and perform the same fold on the other side. At this point, the paper looks like a house with a roof that has a flat top.
  16. Unfold the portion that is still square and perform the same fold. Bring each flap on either side down to form a point. Crease and leave folded. The paper should look like a rectangle with a triangle on either end.
  17. Fold down the top layer and crease.
  18. Fold the top half of both triangles in toward the body. Crease and leave folded. Fold the top layer back up so the inner triangles are concealed.
  19. Fold the outer triangles back toward the middle to form a square. The square should have several layers.
  20. Flip down the first layer and crease the two bottom corner points toward the middle to form a new point in the middle.
  21. On the flat side, cut a small triangle out to form the top of the heart.
  22. Pull the triangle and top of the heart apart from one another, and your heart shaped box should form.

Lovely Box

While making a heart-shaped box is a little more complicated than following instructions for a basic origami box, the results are well-worth the extra effort.

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