Origami Flowers for Cards

Make Origami Flowers for Cards


Origami flowers for cards make thoughtful tokens for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. A card decorated with an origami flower is also lovely as a thank you note.

Step 1


To begin, cut your origami paper into four equal squares. You will need one square for each flower you wish to make. Fold your square diagonally in half.

Step 2


Bring the bottom right corner up and slightly to the right of the top point. Bring the left corner up the same way.

Step 3


Flip the paper over and blunt the corners as shown. When you flip back to the front, you'll have a finished origami tulip.

Step 4


Now it's time to make a stem for origami flowers for cards. Fold your green origami paper diagonally in half. Unfold the paper.

Step 5


Fold each side in, matching the edges along the center crease.

Step 6


Fold the sides in once more, creasing sharply.

Step 7


Fold the bottom point up as shown.

Step 8


Fold the entire model in half down the middle. Pull the stem apart slightly to give it the desired shape.

Step 9


Use glue dots or foam adhesive squares to attach your origami flower to your card.

To make an envelope for your card, please review the LoveToKnow Origami Envelope tutorial.

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Origami Flowers for Cards