Origami Flower Bouquet

Use origami folding skills to complete complicated bouquets.
Use origami folding skills to complete complicated bouquets.

An origami flower bouquet is a pretty way to show off your paper folding skills. Plan a bouquet or simply make one from scratch, using single flowers you have previously made.

Design the Bouquet

Design a bouquet using origami flowers for a simple but elegant element in your home. In fact, advanced origami folders can create intricate alternatives to wedding bouquets using origami flowers, leaves, stems and ribbons.

A bouquet design for origami flowers is similar to that of real and faux flowers. Remember the following when it comes to designing your origami bouquet:

  • Choose complimentary colors.
  • Incorporate large flowers and small flowers into the design.
  • Use greenery within the bouquet and around the edges so the flower heads do not get lost in the overall design scheme.
  • Tie a bouquet together using ribbon or place in a sturdy vase.
  • Keep the flowers spaced out evenly. Bouquets that are too tight look crowded, while bouquets with too much extra space look shoddy.

Bouquets placed in a vase in the corner or against a wall do not need flowers around the entire bouquet. Instead, just fill in some green leaves to make a flat back. Bouquets placed in the center of a table or held in the hand should be full and filled around the entire design, however.

Flower Styles

The style of flower you choose to make depends on both your origami skill and what compliments your home decorations. Simple flower designs, like money origami flowers are easy to create for almost anyone. More intricate lotus blossoms or roses with open petals may take longer to create.

Modular flowers involve several pieces of origami, put together to make a whole figure. These forms usually require advanced skills and a lot of patience before they are completed.

Origami Flower Bouquet Paper

The paper choice in making origami flower bouquets is important. Paper color and texture will enhance a particular look you want for the bouquet.

Paper Color

Realistic looking bouquets will have the flower heads and stems in colors found in nature. Use two-sided papers, such as yellow and orange, or dark and light pink, to mimic the actual look of various flowers. Make a mixed color bouquet by choosing colors that are complimentary, such as lilac and yellow. Another good way to pick paper colors for a bouquet is to choose from the same color family, like scarlet red, mauve, bright pink and pastel pink.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can choose colors that are the total opposite of the flower's natural state. This will create a display that pops out from the surrounding décor, whether in a vase or on an end table. Metallic colored bouquets are another way to create a striking visual effect.

Use patterned papers with caution in bouquets. The overall effect can be very busy if you include more than one pattern or have too many flowers made with patterns. If you want to use patterned paper, be sure to make a lot of green leaves to surround each flower head. Include a few plain flowers with matching colors to keep the bouquet from being overwhelming to the eye.

Paper Texture

The type of paper chosen also affects the look of an origami bouquet. Textured green paper can add dimension to a stem or leaf, but is often thicker than traditional paper, making it harder to work with. Tissue paper is a common choice for creating the head of a flower. Found in a rainbow of colors, it creates a delicate look to a bouquet. However, tissue paper is as delicate to fold as it looks.

Choose papers meant for origami purposes that fold and crease evenly. Attempt using other papers after you have perfected the figures with origami paper.

Display Flowers

Put the origami bouquet on display in your home. Make a small origami box if you want to create a mini bouquet. A vase meant for real flowers is perfect for a life-size bouquet of origami flowers. Place the bouquet in these areas:

  • Dining room table
  • Fireplace mantel
  • Coffee table
  • End table
  • Decorative shelving
  • Inside a shadow box

If you like long-lasting origami bouquets but miss the aroma of real flowers, scent the paper yourself. Put a few drops of essential oil in the bottom of the vase. Mist the bouquet with a lightly scented bath and body spray. For the most realistic scent, choose a spray that includes the floral notes from the origami flowers in your bouquet.

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