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pink origami dove

An origami dove is a popular origami choice because it is one of the simpler animals to fold. Once complete, these can be placed in a Christmas tree as an ornament. They can also be used as gifts or as toys for children who wish to pretend they are a bird.

Creating an Origami Dove

To create an origami dove, you will need a square sheet of origami paper. If using a sheet with one colored side, start with the colored side down. Follow these steps to create a beautiful dove.

  1. Fold the origami paper so that the corner of one end meets the corner of another end. This creates a triangular shape.
  2. Turn the paper so the long end is away from you and the point is facing you.
  3. Fold the long end down. It should come approximately one third of the way down the point. To check this, fold up the point, without creasing it. The very tip of the point should match the top fold you created.
  4. Turn it over. Fold in half lengthwise. This point at the top of one wing should match the point of the second wing. This fold is a guideline for the next step.
  5. Open up the fold just created.
  6. Fold just one layer of the triangle down to create a square. Be as precise as possible with where you fold. It is important to create as much of a square as possible here.
  7. Fold it in half again.
  8. Next, fold down one of the wings. You will create a diagonal crease so that it looks like the dove is flying forward. Flip over the dove and repeat this fold for the other wing. They should match up. Open the bird's wings so they form 90-degree angles, with the body of the bird in the center.
  9. Look at the wings. The shorter end is facing towards the head. Fold the beak down at an angle. Crease and then unfold. Open up the fold under the beak just enough so that you can push the fold along the top down in. Press together to two sides. This should create a small beak for the dove.

That completes the origami dove. You can reposition the wings by squeezing the bottom fold at any angle. By pinching it and releasing it, this allows you to create the look of movement with the wings. Kids will love to play with the dove like this.

Resources for Origami Doves

For pictures and a few more variations on origami doves, these resources can help.

Try Other Origami Birds
  • Doilies Dove: A variation of the dove is found at Origami-Instructions.com. This design can be created using a lace piece of paper, doilies or using any 8 inch diameter round piece of paper.
  • Origami Doves for Sale: Visit LisaShea.com to purchase a few of these doves already completed.
  • Origami Dove Video: You can also learn how to create an origami dove by watching Lisa Shea's YouTube video of how to create it. This video displays the steps listed above.
  • Peace Dove: The peace dove is slightly different. It is a bit more elaborate in its finished form. This YouTube video of a Peace Dove does not provide step-by-step directions, but does show how to create the dove.
  • Origami Dove with Down Back Feathers: The origami dove in this YouTube video has back wings facing down. These step-by-step instructions ensure the process of creating the dove is very simple.
  • Peace Crane: Watch this YouTube video to create an origami crane, which is slightly similar to the dove.
  • Origami Kirigami Dove: For those who wish to try a Kirigami dove, visit Activity Village. The instructions are provided in a short video.

Create as many of these origami doves as you would like to create a flock of beautiful birds. Give to friends as a sign of peace. Try different colored paper and various sizes to create variation from one dove to the next.

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