Origami Card Patterns

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Origami card patterns allow anyone to create a beautiful handmade card for a birthday, wedding or "just because." Basic origami folding instruction knowledge is helpful when it comes to card making, however.

Folding Paper Cards

Making a card out of an 8.5x11 inch piece of paper is simple. Valley folding it once in half creates a vertical or horizontal card, depending on your paper's orientation. Create a smaller card by folding the card in half one more time with a valley fold.

Of course, making origami note cards is something that requires more than just folding a piece of paper so it fits inside an envelope. You can make simple, flat shapes, like those used in tea bag folding, and glue them to the front of the card.

Making pop-up cards is another popular way to create origami cards. Use a pattern you find in a library book, online or that you purchased from a craft store. Most pop-up cards utilize Kirigami techniques in their creation, with simple folds.

Websites with Origami Card Patterns

Useful origami websites often have a few patterns available for card making. Several, however, offer multiple designs for your personal use.

Robert Sabuda

Author Robert Sabuda has an extensive listing of pop-up card patterns for beginning, intermediate and advanced skill levels. Categories of cards include:

  • Pop-Up Basics
  • Animals
  • Celebrations
  • Fun Stuff
  • Star Wars

Start with the Pop-Up Basics category to learn how to make layer pop-ups and a V-fold mouth. Once you have mastered these basics, move onto making some of the beginning designs.

Origami Resource Center

The Origami Resource Center offers some basic instructions for pop-up cards that are perfect origami for kids to make. Try out the pop-up card tree or the pop-up card heart for Christmas or Valentine's Day.

Maria Victoria Garrido

The Greetings With Patterns page of Maria Victoria Garrido's website offers over 20 designs. Click on the name of the card or the photo to reach an instructional page with links to the patterns. Choose from designs like a gift, ballerina, castle, bells or name.

More Card Instructions and Patterns

Find more Kirigami and origami card patterns in books or through pay-per-pattern websites that allow instant downloads. Check out Easy Cut Pop-Up for a free pattern to download before browsing approximately 70 designs available for purchase.

If you want to avoid paying for patterns, try one of these free patterns online:

  • The Made By Rae blog offers readers a simple, step-by-step geometric patterned card instruction.
  • HGTV's origami memory card folds into a unique square. Add photos, scrapbook embellishments or even stamps on the inside. You might need additional postage if you try to send this through the mail.
  • Kids will love the Tammy Yee Pop-up Valentine Card. Simply print the card pattern and follow the online instructions for this cute card.

Make origami flowers for cards and affix them to the front or inside of the card. Use them for anniversary, birthday, wedding or get well cards. Crease the folds firmly, as you want your flower embellishment to be flat in the envelope when you mail it.

Origami Envelopes for Cards

After finding a pattern for making an origami card, look for an envelope to make using origami and Kirigami skills. You may need to tweak the envelope size, depending on your card dimensions. Look for an easy origami envelope that you can alter to fit your needs. Allow a little extra room if your card is thick.

Following origami card patterns makes creating a greeting easy for anyone. Use basic folding skills to perfect the patterns and crease firmly. Practice with scrap paper before using your purchased origami paper for making the card. Keep your favorite designs or make several at once for card and gift giving occasions made easy.

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