Origami Animals and Birds

Fold Origami Animals and Birds


Origami animals and birds are favorite figures for both novice and experienced paper folders. While dragons, frogs and cranes are all popular figures, many more options are available. Use your personal preferences to create unique animals that delight your friends and family.

Jungle Animals


Think beyond your household pets and the traditional crane when you come up with your animal figure to fold. Jungle creatures, like lions, giraffes and elephants, are perfect decorations for a safari themed child's bedroom.

Origami Butterflies


Winged creatures do not have to be birds. Make a pretty butterfly using origami folding techniques. Patterned paper is especially appropriate for these colorful creatures.

Duo-Sided Paper Pandas


Duo-sided paper is especially useful when you want to create an animal with more distinguishable features. The two sides of the paper makes these bears look like pandas.

Realistic Groundhog


If you want your animal to really look authentic, use paper that is the same color as the animal in real life. The groundhog in the photo at the left is made with brown paper, a similar color to its fur in the wild.

Create an Animal Family


When you fold origami animals and birds, consider making a family group. Use two or three different sized papers and the same diagram to create a family of birds like the one in the photograph.

Origami Farm Animals


Farm animals are perfect choices for children who want to play with origami animal figures. Whether you make them for the child or teach the child to make the figure himself, horses, pigs, cows and chickens are excellent origami toys for kids.

Unusual Money Animals


Make dollar bill origami animals and give a creative monetary gift. Choose an unusual animal, like the armadillo, for a conversation starter.


Simple figures, like the fish, are good for novice origami folders. Once you have mastered a few simple origami folds, you can learn how to make an origami dragon.

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Origami Animals and Birds