Online Origami Diagrams

Online origami diagrams can be simple or advanced.
Online origami diagrams can be simple or advanced.

Whether you're an experienced origami folder or just starting out, unlimited resources for online origami diagrams are available with the click of your mouse. Just try typing "origami" into any search engine, and the number of results will amaze you.

Online Origami Diagrams for Beginners

If you're just beginning to learn the basics of origami, it's best to start out with diagrams of basic folding instructions and simple creations. Many websites also will walk you through the first steps.

  • Fishgoth: Another, more comprehensive set of diagrams and basic instructions for beginners.
  • Kids Web Japan: Get colorful and easy designs just for kids, with variations to make even more. The site is in English.

Origami Diagrams for Advanced Crafters

Once you understand how to read online origami diagrams and make some fun projects, you can find more figures available to keep challenging yourself with new and interesting designs. Try some of these sites for more projects.

  • It's Just a Bit of Paper: The perfect next step if you've just mastered the basics. This site has diagrams in downloadable PDF format, from easy to advanced figures.
  • Some interesting diagrams can be found here, from the Eiffel Tower to Santa Claus.
  • This is a great collection of diagrams, clearly labeled by skill level.

Specialty Designs

In addition to classic origami designs, such as cranes, toads, and envelopes, all kinds of nifty niche designs that have been created. These origami patterns are unique, and bound to appeal to anyone looking for something just a little different. Kids love them too.

  • Star Wars Origami: Created by Happy Magpie, these Star Wars diagrams are perfect for young boys or anyone who loves the movies.
  • Paper Airplanes: Get instructions for ten different types of paper airplanes. If you're trying to get a child interested in origami, this is a great way to get them enthused about the craft.
  • Eeyore: This somewhat complicated design may take quite a while to complete, but would look adorable in a child's bedroom or nursery.
  • Chess Set: An entire chess set, including chessboard, made from origami.

Holiday Origami Diagrams

If you're looking for holiday or seasonal patterns for paper folding crafts, you can find plenty online. Origami decorations are a wonderful way to get the entire family involved in holiday décor, and they also make great gift toppers.

  • St. Patrick's Day: Lots of clover and shamrocks, as well as an adorable pop-up rainbow card, for the Irish holiday.
  • Easter: Here you'll find diagrams for a bunny, rabbit head, and an Easter basket.
  • Christmas: Origami Club has cute designs for everything from simple holly leaves to snowmen and reindeer.

How to Find More Origami Diagrams Online

In addition to search engines, there are a few ways to keep your supply of online diagrams fresh and updated.

Check Out Links

Once you find an origami website that you enjoy, check to see if they have a section for links. There you'll find more places to find new diagrams, which the website owner is personally recommending.

Join an Online Origami Group

Try Yahoo or Google groups, and search for origami or paper crafts to find other origami enthusiasts. Look for active groups with lots of members and posts to keep up with the latest online resources.

Print or Bookmark Your Favorites

When you find origami diagrams that you really like, remember to print out the design and instructions, or bookmark them for future reference. It can be incredibly frustrating to try to find a specific diagram if you've forgotten where you found it originally. Soon you'll have a wide and varied collection of origami patterns.

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