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Make an Origami Dollar Bill Ring

Origami Dollar Bill Ring

An origami dollar bill ring is a fun and simple project. You can create the dollar bill ring out of any bill you have, but look for one that is newer and crisp for the best results.

Step 1

Start by folding the white edges of the longer sides under. Then, fold the bill in half lengthwise. Again, fold the bill in half lengthwise.

Step 2

Fold the white edge of the right side of the bill. Fold it away from you. Flip it over. Fold the same edge you just folded again. This time, make sure the number "1" is showing completely on the folded portion.

Step 3

Curve the rest of the bill just slightly. You will need this curve to create the ring later. Simply roll it up slightly.

Step 4

Create a 90 degree angle with the unfolded side.

Step 5

Fold the vertical portion behind the horizontal piece. It should then be pointing straight down. Flip the entire thing over at this point.

Step 6

Use the curved horizontal piece to roll it around to form a complete circle. Line up the folds.

Step 7

Wrap the vertical portion down and through the center of the ring.

Step 8

To finish the ring, fold it under and bring around the flap. Tuck it in. With this, you can now slip it onto your finger. You have created an origami dollar bill ring.

Dollar bill origami is a popular form of paper folding. With a single dollar bill, you can create a number of fun origami projects.

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Make an Origami Dollar Bill Ring