Japanese Origami Fashions

folded origami clothes

Whether you create them or wear them, Japanese origami fashions are a great way to share your enthusiasm for the art of paper folding.

Origami Paper Fashion

Many people think of origami as paper dragons, cranes or fortune tellers. Expand your horizons by creating paper fashions using origami techniques. One of the easiest origami fashions to make is learning how to fold an origami shirt and tie. This is a popular addition to an origami card.

Men's shirts aren't the only fashion in origami folding. Give some complex figures a try. Look for books that offer instructions on how to make articles of clothing. Girligami: A Fresh, Fun, Fashionable Spin on Origami by Cindy Ng offers ideas for purses, shoes and clothing. Origami for kids is included in Fashion Origami: Fold Dazzling Designs by Klutz, which is perfect for children who want to make items beyond animals and airplanes. The Origami Club website also offers several clothing designs for both boys and girls, from an evening dress to a down coat.

Use the paper fashions in a variety of ways. They are good additions to the front of cards and offer a unique spin on paper doll clothing. Create a shadow box of stylish designs to showcase the fashions beyond sitting them on a mantle.

Japanese Origami Fashions

Origami techniques and figures are also finding their way into fashion, from everyday tee shirts to haute couture. The clean lines and unique angles of origami inspire many fashion designers.

Everyday Fashion

Show off your love of origami by finding fabric with origami designs printed on it. Common fabric prints featuring origami often include cranes and airplanes. Some fabric is also printed using inspiration from origami paper. Create your own tye dye using origami folding before the dye process found in instructions at GlamourSplash.

Many designers find a place for Japanese origami fashion accessories in wearable designs. They often feature pleats, folds, bows, and triangles in the design. For example, a fabric origami rose might be along the waistline of a dress. Browse origami fashion from a variety of lines and retailers at Shopstyle.com.

Runway Fashion

Many famous designers include origami elements in their runway looks. Every season brings a new line from most design houses, so if you want an origami look, it might be necessary to head to a vintage shop. John Galliano created some origami-inspired looks for Dior in 2007, and some of Karl Lagerfeld's SS09 runway models wore origami headpieces. The origami crane wedding dress by Mariana Leung is a famous origami fashion piece. Other designers who have had origami or origami-inspired pieces in their collections include:

With the ever-changing world of fashion, new designers and new collections are always on the scene. Keep an eye out for collection pieces from previous years, as well as new origami-inspired fashions in upcoming seasons.

Origami Accessories

Plenty of accessories feature origami designs and style. Learn how to make origami jewelry and create something special to wear, like:

  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces

Folded purses are another great accessory that can be made using origami. If you want to skip making your own, consider seeking out origami designed purses from Bottega Veneta, Donna Karan or VBH.Finally, hair accessories are a great way to include origami designs into your own fashion. Glue some fabric folded accessories onto barrettes and clips. Allow them to dry and then wear them in your hair. Paper also works, though it may not be as sturdy.

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Japanese Origami Fashions