How to Make an Origami Flower from a Dollar Bill

Origami Money Flowers
Make origami money flowers.

Learning how to make an origami flower from a dollar bill may seem silly, but this can be a fun project. Dollar bill origami is quite popular. This type of origami project is perfect to give as a gift to a loved one, for example. Use a larger denomination to give as a gift. Even kids will love it.

Learn How to Make an Origami Flower from a Dollar Bill

Making origami out of dollar bills is growing in popularity. Not only is it a great decorative piece, but it can be a great conversation starter, too. Try leaving one as a tip for a waiter who impresses you. The following instructions will help you:

  1. Use a crisp bill to create a flower. Hold the bill so that the long edge is against your body. Then, fold in half lengthwise. Place the creased edge next to your body so that it is at the bottom.
  2. Fold the top flap of the corners down, so that they meet the bottom edge of the fold you just created. Do this on the right and the left sides. They should form 90-degree angles.
  3. Lift up the folded end. Fold the side of the bill to match the crease line created. Repeat this process on both sides. When complete, the dollar bill looks like a small boat with two peaks on the top and two triangles folded down over the edge of the "boat."
  4. Fold the two peaks that are sticking up down. They should match the other side.
  5. Crease well by running your finger over each edge you have created. Then, fold the entire thing in half, from the right side over the top to the left side. Match the edges well. In doing this, you will have small diagonal pockets on the outside of the bill. If you do not have pockets, open it back up and refold the other way.
  6. Make three or four more of these, all to this point. Use dollar bills to make each one. After you have them all done, they will interlock together to make a beautiful flower. However, when making them, ensure that you fold along the edge that has the pocket; otherwise, they will not interlock properly.
  7. To interlock them, start by holding one of the pieces by your fingertips. Then, tuck the triangular flaps into the back of each of the pieces. This allows them to interlock together.
  8. Shape the petals. To do this, simply place the tip of your finger into each of the triangular folds and open them up slightly. This rounds them out to make them look more like a flower petal. Now you have completed the project.

Resources and Tips

Once you learn how to make an origami flower from a dollar bill, you can create a number of different variations. Try to create your own using different sizes of paper.

Origami Money Rose
  • The instructions listed above are similar to those found at this video. This video provides clear instructions that are easy to follow.
  • Check out this video that shows how to make an origami heart and flower combination.
  • You can also use this YouTube video to learn how to make a dollar bill rose. The maker uses a piece of paper the same size as a dollar bill.
  • A great instructional resource for a rose made from money is This process allows you to create an origami rose with a stem. You can then use the flower in any way that you would like to, even inserting it into a napkin for a special dinner party.
  • The best way to make origami flowers is to use paper of different colors. Although dollar bill origami is enjoyable, it is harder to do simply because the material making up the dollar bill includes fabric, which makes it harder to fold. You can find all sorts of directions available including fabric origami flower instructions and these instructions for tulip origami flowers.
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How to Make an Origami Flower from a Dollar Bill