How to Make a Paper Doll Chain

How to Make a Paper Doll Chain

Learning how to make a paper doll chain is a great way to introduce young children to Kirigami. This craft uses folding and paper cutting to make decorative objects.

There is a printable paper doll pattern in the last slide of this gallery that you can use for your pattern if you prefer.

Step 1

To begin making a paper doll chain, cut a sheet of copy paper in half. If you want a longer paper doll chain, try cutting a strip of paper from an old grocery bag or a roll of wrapping paper.

Step 2

Accordion fold your paper, making the folds as wide as you want your paper doll to be. Draw your design onto the top fold. A basic doll shape is fine for beginners or you can experiment with creative figures like an alien or a monster. You may even be able to make holiday decorations, such as a chain of snowmen for Christmas.

Step 3

Carefully cut out the design. Remember that you shouldn't cut the ends of the arms or the feet because this will make the chain fall apart.

Step 4

When you're done cutting, unfold the chain.

Step 5

Decorate as desired. This is the fun part of learning how to make a paper doll chain. You can use crayons, markers, paints, lace, wool, ribbon, buttons, or whatever other supplies you have handy to give your paper doll chain a bit of personality.

More Details

Printable Paper Doll Template

If you prefer your chain to be precise, print this paper doll template. To print, click on the 'More Details' and use either the download or print icon. If you have any issues - see the online guide for Adobe printables.

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How to Make a Paper Doll Chain