How to Make a Palm Tree Out of Paper

dollar bill palm tree and house

Learn how to make a palm tree out of paper and use it in a variety of ways. The cheerful palm tree is an excellent summer project or winter project that is sure to chase away the winter blues.

Using Origami Palm Trees

A palm tree is not the first figure most people think of when they consider the art of origami. However, palm trees are a fairly simple project, even when the instructions are long. They are an excellent figure choice for intermediate folders.

The origami palm tree has many uses. Consider using yours in the following ways:

  • As part of a project on the beach for school
  • In a shadow box of beach vacation memorabilia
  • For decorating a birthday party, anniversary party or retirement party with a luau or Hawaiian theme
  • In a collection of tree and botanical figures
  • As part of a beach wedding favor, place card holder or centerpiece

To make the palm tree more realistic, purchase origami paper that is light brown for the trunk and green for the leaves. Some paper may even have a pattern on it that looks like palm tree bark. Once you master making the palm tree, purchase gray paper to create small origami balls and make mini coconuts to attach to the tree.

How to Make a Palm Tree Out of Paper

The instructions for how to make a palm tree out of paper are relatively easy. Most instructions use two pieces of paper, one for the trunk and one for the leaves. Try one of these sets of instructions to create an origami palm tree:

Palm Tree Card

Expert origami folders can even try their hand at making a complicated origami card that looks like a palm tree when completed. Hans Trygve Birkeland has diagrammed an 18 step palm tree card. While 18 steps does not seem intimidating, step number five involves following over 20 steps in the instructions of another card he created.

More Palm Tree Instructions

More instructions for how to make a palm tree out of paper are available at other useful origami websites. Video instructions, such as those found on YouTube and other instructional channels, are helpful for folders who need a visual example of what to do when making the palm tree. Some videos are fuzzy, have bad lighting, or go too quickly, so do not be frustrated if you cannot make the palm tree the first time you see the video.

Palm Trees from Other Materials

An origami palm tree does not have to be made out of paper. The book The Lost Art of Towel Origami offers up towel origami instructions on how to make a palm tree. Additionally, the eHow article How to Make a Palm Tree Out of a Dollar Bill with Origami gives instructions on making a palm tree using money origami techniques.

For a fun take on a palm tree, consider making a fabric origami palm tree using fabric that has small palm trees as the design on the material. This is a cute way to take making a palm tree to another level.

Paper origami palm trees are a fun project that has options for paper folders of all skill levels. Add this tropical tree to your botanical figure collection.

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