How to Make Star Wars Origami

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Learning how to make Star Wars origami can be a lot of fun. If you are a lover of this movie saga, try to create some of these figures using origami, the art of paper folding. Though tricky, these make excellent showpieces.

Paper Folding Star Wars Style

Those who wish to learn how to transform a piece of paper into a Star Wars character will find some examples available to them online. However, you can also try it yourself and create a Star Wars paper airplane. You can find an example at Instructables.

Origami X Wing Fighter Plane Instructions

One example of this type of art is the X Wing fighter plane, a popular Star Wars plane. To make this plane, start with a square sheet of origami paper or other thin paper.

If you are using two-sided paper, place the colored side facing up to get started.

  1. Create valley folds with the paper. Fold on the diagonal in both directions. Fold the left, top corner to meet the right bottom corner. Open it up then fold the top right corner to meet the bottom left corner. Open it back up.
  2. Turn the paper over so that the white side is facing up. Then, fold the paper in half horizontally. Open it up. Fold the paper in half vertically. When the paper is flipped back over, these are mountain folds.
  3. Perform a squash. This allows the paper to fold inward onto itself along the folds you have just created. This forms a folded square. The colored side should be showing.
  4. Fold one of the closed flaps towards the centerfold, which runs diagonal.
  5. Crease well and then unfold the flap. Then, fold the same flap back onto itself, going in the other direction. Open the flap again.
  6. Hold the flapped edge by the thumb and the forefinger, which should allow for the inside of the flap to open up slightly. This is a pocket between the two folds of the paper. Squash it flat.
  7. This has allowed the white portion of the paper to show on the top of the flap. Fold one white side down so that it meets the center. Then, unfold it again.
  8. Tuck this fold under the small portion just folded over. You will then need to push the paper a bit farther so that it ends up lying with the diagonal above it is at the center.
  9. Perform the same steps on the left side of the plane. Then, repeat again on all of the three folds.
  10. Once all folds are made, fold the small center point downwards. Do this on the opposite side next. However, be sure to leave the other two central points in the same direction. Rotate the entire piece by 90 degrees.
  11. You should have two legs pointing towards you. These legs are simply two portions of the triangle separated in the middle. Hold the legs down and fold over the right leg onto the right side. Do this as if you are turning a page.
  12. Fold the opened leg portion up now in order to be able to meet the top point. You will need to fold it horizontally in the middle. Fold the leg back down again.
  13. Next, pinch the inward on itself so that the center portion comes together. The leg will then end up folded inside. It should be sticking out at a 90-degree angle. Fold it down flat.
  14. You need to do the same steps for the other three legs of the ship.
  15. After all legs have been carefully folded, fold the longer side in half. Ensure it is folded into the center. Fold this flat. The leg may start to move during this process. That is fine. Fold it flat too. It should fold in half at that point.
  16. Do the same on each of the other legs. You will then turn it so that there is a split at the bottom, closest to you. This is the engines of the X Wing.
  17. Fold one of them back onto itself, in between the wings. Repeat with the other split and then open up the fold along the edge of the wings.
  18. Then, perform a reverse fold on the wingtip so that the tip is pointing upward. Do this on all three legs.
  19. Flip it over and you have an X Wing.

Use These Instructions As a Starting Point

You can learn how to make Star Wars origami fighter planes out of almost any plane with a bit of imagination. The X Wing is just one example to get you started.

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