How to Make Origami Place Cards

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Learning how to make origami place cards can be a lot of fun. In fact, you can transform many origami animals and decorative pieces into place cards just by adding a small piece of paper to them, or finding a flat side upon which to write a guest's name. This is an easy way to decorate your table for any holiday or special event.

Origami Standing Place Card Instructions

Follow these instructions to create a classy rectangular place card. This project is suitable for any novice paper folder. Photo examples for each step are shown beneath the written instructions, so it's easy to follow along with each fold.

Step One: Begin with a square rectangular sheet of standard printer paper. Lay the paper flat out in front of you.


Step Two: Fold the paper in half lengthwise.


Step Three: Unfold the paper, then fold the top two corners in to meet the center crease.


Step Four: Bring the two sides to the center. The top of the paper will form a diamond shape.


Step Five: Bring the bottom edge of the paper up to meet the bottom point of the diamond shape.


Step Six: Unfold the fold that you just made. The model will be divided into three sections; the top diamond, the center section, and the bottom section.


Step Seven: Open the top flaps of the diamond and tuck the bottom section inside of them to form an arch.


Step Eight: Fold the diamond over to form a triangle. This will be the stand for the place card.


Flip the place card over, and it is now complete.


Heart Origami Place Card Instructions

These easy to make origami heart-shaped place cards are sure to be a hit on Valentine's Day or any other special occasion.

Step One: Begin with a flat square sheet of origami paper measuring 6-by-6 inches. Lay the paper flat out in front of you.


Step Two: Fold the paper in half and crease it well. Unfold the same fold that you just made.


Step Three: Repeat Step Two in the opposite direction. You will now have four equal squares outlined on your paper.


Step Four: Fold the bottom edge up to meet the center.


Step Five: Flip the model over without unfolding your previous crease.


Step Six: Fold the bottom corners up to the center to form a point.


Step Seven: Fold the point up to the top of the model.


Step Eight: Flip the model over.


Step Nine: Open the inside corners of the two bottom flaps. Fold the flaps down to meet the bottom of the model. This will form two little triangles.


Step Ten: Open the little triangles up, carefully squash them down, and crease well.


Step Eleven: Fold the outside corners of the squash fold in to meet the center of the squash fold. This will form two little points on the bottom of the model.


Step Twelve: Fold the sides of the model to meet in the middle.


Step Thirteen: Fold the top corners of the model in to meet the center. This will form the heart shape. These little flaps will be the stand for the model.


Turn the card over and you're ready to write a guest's name on it.


Triangle Place Card Instructions

Make these fun place cards in bright colors for a festive table.

Step One: Begin with a square sheet of origami paper. Lay the paper on a flat working space in front of you.


Step Two: Fold the paper in half on a diagonal.


Step Three: Unfold the crease made in the previous step. Fold the opposite two points of the paper in to meet the center line.


Step Four: Fold the paper in half along the same diagonal crease.


Step Five: Fold the right corner of the model down and over to meet the bottom of the model.


Step Six: Fold the flap back over, keeping the bottom in line with the bottom of the rest of the model.


Step Seven: Unfold the previous step and repeat steps five and six on the left side of the paper.


Step Eight: Slightly open up the center crease of the model and push the right flap slightly inside to form a 3D model.


Step Nine: Repeat Step Eight on the left side so the model is even.


Step Ten: Tuck the bottom halves of the side flaps underneath the model on both sides to complete the place card.


Creative Place Card Projects

Creating unique placeholders can be challenging but fun. The key is to be creative and to come up with something that fits the rest of the party scheme. Try one of these origami projects that can be used as placeholders.

  • Folded Paper Turkey : This origami project is made from money but can easily be made from origami paper. Perfect for a Thanksgiving get together with family and friends. These turkeys can easily be turned into placeholders by writing the name of each guest somewhere on the model.
  • Valentine Cards: Turn these origami Valentines Day cards into cute placeholders for your special Valentines day party. Print a special message inside for each guest and simply set the card up on the table.
  • Paper Sword: Use this neat origami project for a pirate-themed birthday party. Set a folded sword with each guest's name on it on their plates. Kids will really like taking these home as a keepsake.
  • Paper Cube: Make these paper cubes out of festive colored paper for a splash of color and interest at your next dinner party.

Folded Paper for the Table

Folding paper is a hobby that is both challenging and relaxing. Liven up your next dinner table with handmade origami place cards that will both surprise and impress your guests.

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