Halloween Origami Paper

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Use Halloween origami papers to turn your typical creations into frighteningly festive Halloween figures.

Figures for Halloween Origami Paper

Folding paper using origami and Kirigami techniques is a cheap way to create seasonal decorations. Halloween is no exception. One of the best uses of Halloween origami paper is to include it in an origami note card design that is sent to friends and family at the end of October. Glue miniature figures to the front of a homemade greeting card and send in a black and orange envelope.

An orange pumpkin is another excellent choice for figure folding during Halloween. Consider using large Halloween scrapbook paper, size 12x12, to make big pumpkins for display. Find Halloween origami project ideas to use with Halloween papers at these useful origami websites:

  • Origami-Instructions.com has a Halloween pumpkin origami figure to fold.
  • Origami Club features lots of designs for Halloween, including a werewolf, Frankenstein face, skull and more.
  • Activity Village has several Halloween figures for kids to fold, including a mummy face and witch's broom and hat.

Use figures as coffee table or mantel decorations. For a larger decoration, use folded paper ornaments on a tree branch painted black to create a creepy holiday tree.

Origami Halloween Paper Patterns

Like other papers, Halloween origami paper comes in a variety of designs and patterns. Choose one that fits the particular project best.

Patterned Papers

Simple figures, such as bats, ghosts or pumpkins, might look best folded with patterned papers, especially those that feature the actual figure on them. Paper patterns might include:

  • Halloween candies
  • Bats
  • Cats
  • Spiders or spiderwebs
  • Pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns
  • Skulls or gravestones

Papers with a decorative design flourishes in orange, black, yellow and purple are a way to create an elegant look to Halloween decorations made with patterned paper. Consider making an origami wreath to hang on the front door using one of these elegant paper designs. Other designs include polka dots, stripes or even plaid in Halloween colors.

Plain Papers

Use plain origami papers with Halloween colors to make more intricate designs. Two-sided papers, such as black and orange or black and green, might help make a pumpkin or monster face easier to discern than those with a large intricate pattern.Figures that you fold year-round, such as origami dragons or birds, might look nice when made with plain colored Halloween papers. This way, you can still display your favorite flying dragon throughout the Halloween season.

Buy Origami Papers for Halloween

Purchase origami paper from the usual sources when you need Halloween designs. Some stores may not stock seasonal merchandise until the month before the holiday, so buying online is an option if you want to make your Halloween figures early.

Look for specially marked paper packages that feature Halloween designs and colors. During the early part of September and through October, many bookstores and craft stores might also feature entire origami kits that include books, papers and embellishments for creating origami figures for Halloween. These kits are especially helpful for novice folders or children.

Finally, save your money and use printable origami papers in Halloween designs to create your spooky figures. Plenty of origami patterns for children are available online that also come with folding lines and instructions printed on the figure, making it easy for kids to make their own Halloween crafts. Make sure your printer is loaded with plain paper and then print off the designs you like from free sources. Cut out the origami square from the printer paper and use it like any other origami paper.

Halloween origami paper is a great way to dress up both regular origami figures and ones that feature iconic symbols of the holiday.

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Halloween Origami Paper