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Free Easy Origami Instructions

Dana Hinders
origami cranes

Once a practice reserved exclusively for Japan's elite, origami is now a hobby embraced by people from varying ethnicities, socio-economic groups and skill levels. Even if you're a beginner, the following projects make it easy to learn how to fold boxes, envelopes, flowers, and more.

Easy Origami Projects

You will find the following tutorials useful as you're developing your paper folding skills. Each one features detailed written instructions and step-by-step photos to help simplify the folding process.

Origami for Adults

These tutorials feature models that are both pretty and functional. They introduce common base forms, such as the blintz base, and essential origami folding techniques, such as the squash fold. Mastering these concepts will make it easier for you to move on to more advanced models.

If you don't have an origami paper handy, try using printable origami paper instead.

Origami for Children

Folding origami helps teach children about cause and effect while helping to reinforce essential mathematical concepts and hand-eye coordination. If you're looking for origami for a child, here are some kid-friendly projects to try. If you don't want to invest in specialty origami paper for a child's folding sessions, construction paper or copy paper cut into squares would be an acceptable substitute.

Specialty Origami

Many people think of origami in terms of folding paper, but there are other options to consider as well. Folding fabric, towels, paper currency, or even toilet paper can help you showcase your creative side in an entirely new way.

More Online Resources

Some other good online resources for free origami instructions include:

  • OrigamiUSA: This site presents diagrams and detailed illustrated guides on a wide range of origami topics, which can be freely downloaded and used for personal enjoyment.
  • Origami Resource Center: Origami Resource Center not only provides free detailed instructions on how to create various origami creations, but it also features the latest information on everything related to the art of paper folding.
  • includes hundreds of printable instructions for you to enjoy free of charge.

If you prefer video presentations to basic diagrams, then you might consider viewing the following resources, which offer comprehensive origami instructions for free:

  • Origami Spirit: This site features a collection of step-by-step origami video instructions, with a special section devoted to beginner level projects. The site is maintained by origami artist Leyla Torres.
  • Happy Folding: Here you'll find video instructions, diagrams, and inspirational project photos from origami artist Sara Adams.
  • Activity Village: This children's craft site has a small assortment of kid-friendly paper folding projects, including an easy origami booklet.

Building Your Paper Folding Skills

The Internet is an incredible resource when it comes to finding free origami instructions. Use online instructions to help you build your origami skills, then share what you know with the people around you. No matter what your age or ability level, origami is sure to bring a smile to your face!

Free Easy Origami Instructions