Free Dragonfly Kirigami

Fold a realistic dragonfly or other animal.
Fold a realistic dragonfly or other animal.

Origami animal instructions are plentiful and often free; dragonfly Kirigami instructions are harder to find. With a little searching, however, it is possible.

Kirigami Insect Instructions

Rarely are entire websites or books devoted to dragonflies. While they are a good figure to fold, they are not as popular as other animals, like the origami dragon. Therefore, it may be necessary to search for Kirigami patterns or templates that include a general section on insects. Along with the dragonfly, you may find beetle instructions or even cicada patterns.

Kirigami involves cutting paper, which is a deviation from pure origami. However, some people find that folding complicated figures, even in origami, is easier if you make a few small cuts.

Attempt to make your free dragonfly Kirigami without cutting at first; if you have trouble, try making a few strategic cuts in areas where folding is difficult. Only do this on practice models, however, as you might end up ruining a figure if your cuts are not in the correct places. The wings may present difficulties when you try to fold them unless you cut them in half. Write down any modifications you make to the original figure so that you have correct instructions for the next time you fold the dragonfly model.

Free Dragonfly Kirigami and Origami

The best resource to find free dragonfly Kirigami and origami is the library. Libraries will have a section devoted to crafts, which will include books on paper folding, origami and Kirigami. To find out if the book has diagrams of insects, like the dragonfly, check the chapters to see if there is one on animals or insects. You can also check the index for a listing of dragonfly projects.

Sometimes you can find useful origami websites that offer dragonfly Kirigami and origami instructions for free. Visit these websites to find instructions for origami dragonflies:

Kirigami and Origami Dragonfly Tips

Once you have found a few insect and dragonfly diagrams, you will want to get the right kind of paper. While you can fold any paper into a dragonfly shape, the insect will look the most realistic if you purchase paper in colors that reflect a dragonfly, such as blue, black or green. A more whimsical approach would be to use patterned paper, pastel or brightly colored paper, or even newspaper, to fold your dragonfly or insect.More tips for folding and using your dragonfly Kirigami and origami include:

  • Use lightweight paper that creases easily. Thicker cardstock can be folded into origami insects, but it is more difficult.
  • Make sure you line up the edges of the paper carefully before making a crease, as it can be difficult to smooth the paper out if the crease is not properly made the first time. Additionally, if you do not fix a wrong crease, the figure may not turn out.
  • Create the dragonfly with small paper, around 4x4 inches, for a lifelike size.
  • Make many dragonflies using varying shades of paper in realistic colors, to make an entire swarm.
  • Attach a string to hang the dragonfly as an ornament or a stake to place it into a potted plant.
  • Use the dragonfly as a gift topper instead of a bow on top of a present for an insect lover; they also make excellent favors at a bug-themed birthday party for kids.
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Free Dragonfly Kirigami