Folded Paper Triangle Box

Paper for origami

A folded paper triangle box is one of the simplest and most endearing origami projects you can make. If you're interested in making your own, books and Internet resources can help you make a triangle box with a few sheets of paper and a little bit of time.

Triangle Box Uses

Believe it or not, paper triangle boxes meet a great deal of needs. They are often used as party favors, containers for small gifts, Halloween goodies, change holders, foil lined candle holders, incense containers, or disposable candy dishes. Their ease of construction and interesting appearance may inspire you to invent your own uses for paper triangle boxes just so that you can keep on making them.

Making a Folded Paper Triangle Box

Triangle boxes are popular among origami communities because they're easy to make. Beginners choose to make them in order to practice folding and hone their existing skills. This popularity makes them a hot topic on the Internet, and publishers are flooding the web with origami triangle box diagrams, videos, and tutorials. A few of the best to are featured in the sections below.

Origami Triangle Box Videos

Video origami tutorials are gaining in popularity because paper crafters are able to see exactly what the finished product should look like. It's also useful to perform each fold along with the person demonstrating the project. The videos below demonstrate a variety of triangle box design for most all skill levels.

  • Simple Triangle Box: This video runs for just over one minute and is suitable for beginners and intermediate paper folders. It makes a basic triangle-shaped container.
  • Incense Box: Suitable for all skill levels, this four minute video demonstrates the simplest way to make an interesting box with triangular shapes.
  • Quick Triangle Box: Even though the demonstrator uses scoring tools and other implements, the folding instructions are easy to follow and result in a pretty and whimsical origami box.
  • Triangle Box: This video tutorial is similar to the Quick Triangle Box above in both tools and folds, but the finished box has different dimensions and a slightly broader bottom.
  • Santa Triangle Box: To celebrate the holidays, this is a Santa Clause version of the video tutorial above.
  • Paper Triangle Box: At about 15 minutes, this is one of the longer and more complicated video tutorials, but results in a professional-looking model that would make a wonderful gift. If it seems too complex, save it for when your folding skills improve.

Origami Triangle Box Diagrams

Sometimes, nothing teaches paper folding better than a well-rendered origami diagram that displays each step in logical progression. The diagrams in this section will show you a wide variety of folded paper triangle box techniques.

  • Pyramid Container: Although this is one of the simplest diagrams available, it results in a sturdy, interesting looking box.
  • Origami Triangle Box: Another tutorial that's perfect for beginners, this one uses three pieces of paper and a minimum of folds to create a three unit triangular-shaped container.
  • Triangular Box: For this triangle box, the model is simple, but the accompanying directions might require some study beforehand.

Origami Books and Articles

Despite the wealth of online resources for origami, many people prefer to use an actual book. Fortunately, there are many volumes you can purchase or borrow from the library that will introduce you to a large assortment of origami projects, including the trusty folded paper triangle box. Take a look at some of the most popular origami books listed below.

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Folded Paper Triangle Box