Folded Paper Star Instructions

Origami stars can be simple or complex.
Origami stars can be simple or complex.

If you need a fun table decoration or a simple project to get you started in the art of paper folding, you can learn how to make an origami star. These easy star instructions will have you folding a whole galaxy in no time.

How to Make an Origami Star: Easy Method

While there are a variety of folded paper star designs out there, this simple project is perfect for beginners. Although this star design doesn't use traditional square origami paper, it does teach some of the fundamentals of paper folding. As you work, be sure to keep your folds precise. It's also important to make sure your hands are free of dirt or oil, since you'll be handling the paper a lot. Dirty hands can give your finished project a dingy look.

Things You'll Need

  • Origami paper with a different color or pattern on each side
  • Scissors
  • Flat surface for folding
  • Ruler

What to Do

  1. Use your ruler to find a spot half an inch from the edge of the origami paper. Crease the paper in this spot, and make the same measurement on the opposite edge.
  2. With the scissors, cut the paper to form a half inch wide strip.
  3. Grasp the strip, and gently tie it into a loose knot. Adjust the knot so that about a half an inch of paper is sticking out on the shorter end.
  4. Flatten the knot, and crease the folds. Carefully tuck the short end of the paper into the knot to create a five-sided shape on the end of the strip.
  5. Fold the strip up against the pentagon, and crease the fold. Continue wrapping the strip around the shape, creasing each time.
  6. When the strip is completely wrapped around the shape, tuck the end into a fold of the paper. You now have a flat pentagon.
  7. Use the end of your ruler to press gently on each side of the pentagon. Work your way around the shape until you have pushed it out to create a three-dimensional star.

Ideas for Using Your Stars

There are several ways you may want to use these little stars. Try some of the following ideas:

  • Scatter lots of origami stars on the table for a patriotic or festive decoration.
  • Use a needle and thread to string several little stars together into a garland.
  • Include a few stars with the tissue paper in a gift.
  • Place an origami star inside a lunch box as a special surprise.
  • Give a bag of gold origami stars to a favorite teacher.
  • Use several origami stars to top a gift.
  • Write tiny messages on the origami stars and hand them out to friends.

More Resources for Origami Stars

Now that you know how to make an origami star the easy way, you may want to learn more about these fun folded paper shapes. Check out the following articles for more information:

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Keep Trying

If you're just learning origami, making a star can be a great introduction to the art. Don't get discouraged if your first star doesn't turn out exactly the way you'd like. Just like any other specialized technique, folding paper takes practice and perseverance. Keep trying, and soon you'll have a cute little star to give to friends or keep for yourself.

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Folded Paper Star Instructions