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Folded Paper Sheep


Folded paper sheep are a delightful way to practice the art of origami. From the Japanese word ori which means folding and the word kami which means paper, origami has been performed since as early as the 6th century. While the most commonly depicted forms in origami are birds and specifically cranes, an endless number of shapes are possible.

Traditional Folded Paper Sheep

Whether the plan is to make just one sheep or an entire flock, follow these steps to ensure a uniform result:

  1. Cut paper into a square. The best paper for origami is a lightweight paper such as printer paper since it is easier to fold and press the creases. Paper made specifically for origami is also available at most craft stores such as Michael's.
  2. Fold the square in half diagonally and press firmly to create a sharp crease. Open and fold the square in half diagonally on the opposite side. Open again and press flat. The result should be clear fold marks in the shape of four triangles.
  3. Carefully fold approximately one-third of a corner down. Flip the square over so the flap of the fold is face down and on the left side of the square.
  4. Next, fold down the top corner so the point is in the middle. Fold the bottom corner up so that its point meets the top point in the center of the paper.
  5. From the left side, fold down the top edge one-third towards the middle. Repeat with the bottom edge on the left side. This will result in the left side reforming a point.
  6. Fold one-half of the top point away from the center so that it slightly overlaps the top fold. Fold one-half of the bottom point away from the center so that it slightly overlaps the bottom fold.
  7. From the top, fold the paper in half so that the overlapping edges are now together at the bottom and the folded point is still on the left.
  8. Bend the paper on the left into itself so that the original folded flap that was inside the two sides can be pulled out. Carefully pull that small fold out and flip it over the rest of the left corner point to create the head of the sheep.
  9. Now fold the right side of the paper down diagonally to form a triangular edge. The bottom point of the triangle should be pointing down to form the legs of the sheep.
  10. Using a dark marker add a nose and eyes to the folds on the left to create the face.

Easy Origami Lamb for Kids

If the traditional folded paper sheep is too difficult for kids to manage, a simpler version exists. Follow these steps to create a lamb's head that kids can decorate.

  1. Using a square of paper, fold in half diagonally then open and lay flat. Turn the paper 90-degrees and fold in half diagonally.
  2. Turn the paper so the fold is on the top and the open points are facing down. Create the lamb's ears by folding the left edge down and forming a flap. Repeat on the right edge to create the other ear.
  3. Fold the tip of the bottom point under to square off the end and color with a marker to form the lamb's nose.
  4. Draw or glue plastic wiggly eyes if desired.

Now that you have mastered folded paper sheep, consider creating an entire barnyard for hours of enjoyment. Choose pigs, cows or even hens to complete your version of Old MacDonald's farm.

Folded Paper Sheep