Folded Paper Cube

Try making an origami jack in the box next.
Try making an origami jack in the box next.

You can make a folded paper cube. Using origami folding techniques, you can create an impressive cube that you can give to friends. It is also a great tool for teaching kids about geometry and angles.

Steps for a Folded Paper Cube

To create a folded paper cube using six pieces of paper, follow the steps below. This particular cube is not difficult to do, though there are a number of steps to follow.

  1. Start with a standard sheet of origami paper. If you do not have any, create a square shape using a piece of copy paper.
  2. Fold the square in half so that the corners of one edge align with the corners of another edge. Then, open it back up.
  3. Fold the left edge of the paper over so that it meets the center crease created in the previous step. Repeat this on the other side as well. Open the sides back up.
  4. Position the paper so that the creases are vertical in front of you. Then, take the top right corner and fold over so that it aligns with the crease created in the previous step. Repeat this step on the diagonal corner (the bottom left corner) of the paper.
  5. Fold the outer two portions in. When you complete this step, the two outer edges of the paper should meet along the very centerline of the paper. Turn the paper so that it is vertical to your body.
  6. At the bottom of this paper should be one of the corners you folded in. Take the opposite corner to it (it should be the bottom right corner) and fold it to the other side of the paper. It should fold along the line created by the corner fold. Turn the paper around so that the other folded corner is by your body and repeat on the other corner. This step should create double parallel lines on the top and the sides, with a diagonal fold in the center.
  7. Pick up one of the folded over corners and then, open the fold created in the initial corner folding just enough so that you can tuck the other corner inside it. Repeat this on the other side as well.
  8. Flip the entire project over. Take the longer, bottom corner (it should be the bottom left corner) and fold it up along the creases. If done correctly, the bottom left corner tip should meet the top left corner tip. Repeat this step on the top right corner (the longer of the two top corners.) Open these folds back up.
  9. Repeat this process five more times on other sheets of paper. You will need six portions to make the cube, one for each side.
  10. Start with just one of the pieces in your hand. Build onto this one by adding the other pieces to it. In your left hand, hold one piece so that the right side, bottom corner is pointing towards your body. With your other hand, take another folded portion. Hold it in your hand so that the left top corner is the longest and is pointing up.
  11. Slide the longer corner from your right hand into the pocket created in the folded piece in your left hand. It should slide right into place.
  12. Repeat this process with each of the pieces. Each piece should interlock with the others. This will create the cube.

A Few More Paper Cube Options

Check out some of these other folded paper cubes. They, too, can be impressive and range in skill level necessary to complete them.

Origami Box
  • Create this origami box with a surprise inside. It contains a jack in the box!
  • For an origami gift box, consider this video. You can use it to give your loved one a special gift.
  • Check out these origami box patterns. You can use these patterns to create fun and interesting handmade boxes.
  • Try out these instructions for an easy origami box created from a single piece of paper.

Paper cubes are an interesting item to create. The multiple steps and pieces of paper involved make them a unique origami figure for intermediate level folders.

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Folded Paper Cube