Dollar Bill Origami Hat

dollar bill origami

If you want a fun way to give someone money or just need something to do with your hands during a meeting or plane ride, try making a dollar bill origami hat. These fun folded creations are sure to delight just about anyone.

How to Make a Dollar Bill Origami Hat

Paper money is a great material for making origami. Because dollar bills are made of cotton fiber, they have greater flexibility than regular paper. This gives money many of the same folding qualities as traditional origami mulberry paper. Dollar bill origami is also a fun way to give a monetary gift at a birthday party, graduation bash, or wedding.

It's actually quite easy to make an origami hat out of a dollar bill, and this project is perfect for the beginning money origami artist. Origami hats are one of the simplest paper folding projects.

Things You'll Need

  • Dollar bill or other paper money
  • Flat surface for folding
  • Creasing tool if you prefer to use one

What to Do

  1. Lay the dollar bill flat on the table in front of you. Fold it in half so you have a rectangle that is half as long as the original bill. Crease the fold.
  2. Turn the rectangle so that one of the short sides is nearest to you. Now take the top corners and bring them down to meet the bottom corners, creating a smaller, horizontal rectangle. Crease the fold carefully.
  3. Bring both top corners down to form a center point at the top. When folded, each corner will create a triangle. There will be some extra paper at the bottom. Fold the corners, and crease the paper.
  4. Now fold up one side of the extra paper at the bottom edge to create a narrow brim. Turn the hat over, and repeat this process on the other side. Crease both of these folds.
  5. Open the hat, and enjoy!


You can make this folded paper hat with any rectangular piece of paper. You could use a large piece of newspaper to create dress-up hats for the kids, or you can stick with dollar bills to create a doll-sized hat. You can embellish your creation with paper origami flowers or any other type of decoration. For a truly unique look, you could create origami birds and animals to decorate the hat.

More Money Origami Projects

Now that you know how to make a dollar bill origami hat, try making more money origami projects. There's a dollar origami project perfect for every holiday and season. Consider some of the following:

  • Learn how to make a money origami rabbit. This project is great for Easter or anytime you need a little extra cheer.
  • Create a money origami butterfly to decorate your folded hat. These money butterflies are a perfect project for celebrating summer.
  • Celebrate the winter holidays with Christmas money origami. These creations can be the ideal way to give the gift of cash.
  • Make a dollar origami heart to adorn your Valentine's Day card or just to show your love at any time of the year.
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