How to Fold an Origami Credit Card Case

credit card for origami
Make a case for your gift card!

Whether you need a creative way to give a gift card or just want a fancy way to present a credit or phone card to a loved one, you'll love making an origami credit card case. Origami is the perfect way to add creative flair to your gift.

Why Fold a Credit Card Case?

You can never go wrong when giving a gift card or blank credit card. Everyone likes the opportunity to go on a guilt-free shopping spree, but for the giver, these gifts can be a little less than satisfying. Despite their popularity with recipients, there's not a lot of creativity involved in gift cards. Since the old adage says "it's the thought that counts," it's always nice to find a way to put a little extra thought into these gifts.

Origami is the perfect solution. When you create an origami credit card case, you can be sure that the credit card, phone card, or gift card you give will have a full measure of thought and creativity behind it.

Make a Special Credit Card Case: Origami Instructions

This project has an easy to moderate level of difficulty, and it offers great possibilities for customization. It is a great way to make an affordable and attractive case for your credit card.

Things You'll Need

  • Rectangular sheet of decorative paper
  • Folding surface
  • Gift card or credit card

What to Do

  1. Begin by placing the paper in front of you on the surface. The decorated side of the paper should be facing up, and the shorter side of the rectangle should be facing you.
  2. Bring the top two corners down to meet the bottom two corners, and crease the fold. You'll now have a smaller rectangle with the fold facing away from you.
  3. Take one edge of the paper, and bring it back up to the fold. Turn the paper over, and do the same on the other side. You should now have a narrow rectangle with an accordion-style fold. Crease the folds.
  4. Now unfold the last two folds you made. You should be back to a piece of paper folded in half, but there will be creases where you just folded it. You'll use these as guidelines throughout this project. Take the bottom half inch of each end, and fold it up to create a finished edge.
  5. Fold each corner up to create a small triangle. You will use the crease from the accordion fold as a guideline for the size of this triangle. Do this for all four corners.
  6. Fold the edges along the crease from your original accordion fold. Each edge should be a trapezoid shape. Turn the paper over so the trapezoids are on the back, and orient the paper so the shorter side is closest to you.
  7. Using the triangles as a guideline, bring the edge of the paper up, and fold it over about an inch and a half. Do this on only one of the short ends.
  8. Now fold the paper in half, tucking the corners into the triangle-shaped pockets you have created. Crease this fold, and fold the entire piece in half to create a wallet.
  9. Slip the gift card or credit card into one side of the wallet, and present it to the lucky recipient!
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