Coolest Origami Paper Toy

Boats make great paper toys.

Paper folding enthusiasts often find themselves wondering how to find the coolest origami paper toy. With so many toys available, however, the answer to this question is limited only by your imagination.

The Appeal of Paper Toys

Parents in search of ideas for origami paper toys often turn to models that will encourage pretend play. While the average child now has a room full of toys that feature very sophisticated electronic components, sometimes simpler playthings are actually better for encouraging the kind of creative thinking that is vital to a young child's intellectual development.

Origami paper toys can include:

  • Swords for playing pirates
  • Guns for playing cops and robbers
  • Hats for various dress up games
  • Puppets for a puppet show
  • Animals for a pretend farm or zoo
  • Paper flowers for a girl who wants a pretend garden
  • An origami pinwheel
  • Origami airplanes

When looking for the coolest origami paper toy to make for your child, it's helpful to spend some time thinking about what toys he or she enjoys playing with already. Tailoring your project to your child's interests is the best way to ensure that your efforts are appreciated.

Directions for Making the Coolest Origami Paper Toy

LoveToKnow Origami offers the following tutorial slideshows to teach you how to make the coolest origami paper toys:


If you're new to the art of paper folding, or simply need a refresher on the basic origami folds, you may want to review the LoveToKnow Origami slideshow Origami Folding Instructions before you begin the projects of your choice.

More Resources for Making Origami Paper Toys

Still searching for the coolest origami paper toy? Here are some more projects to try:

If you're interested in printable paper crafts in addition to origami, you may also want to visit the Paper Toys site. This is a great resource for toy projects suitable for children of all ages.

Tips for Making Paper Toys

When making paper toys, it's helpful to keep in mind the following tips:

  • Don't give paper toys to very young children. While they aren't particularly dangerous, they are too fragile for youngsters to play with for very long. If your child likes to crumple paper or stick objects in his mouth, paper toys are going to make for frustrating playthings.
  • To make your toy as sturdy as possible, choose the thickest paper that will work for folding the design. Thinner paper is more likely to rip.
  • Read all of the directions carefully before you begin. Misunderstanding a step in the early stages of the model can often result in a paper toy that is lopsided or does not work as promised.
  • Even though traditional origami practices discourage the use of tape or glue, this can help reinforce parts of a delicate model to make it more suitable for children to play with.
  • Consider adding a more realistic dimension to origami paper toys by embellishing them with stick on google eyes, buttons, glitter, ribbon, or other accents. Feel free to be as creative as you wish!
  • Older children may want to learn how to make their own toys. Origami for kids can be a fun and educational activity, but most children will need adult assistance reading project directions and discovering how to make the various folds correctly.
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Coolest Origami Paper Toy